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  • Tracy Freese
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Minimalist Wellness - Online Kratom and Big Pharma Collide

With politics, media, and corporations increasingly influenced by Big Pharma, the herb Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) delivers a new alternative for those people experiencing a never-ending cycle of pharmaceuticals. As celebrities and loved ones continue on a downward spiral from the side-effects of antidepressants and prescription narcotics, Kratom continues to provide an alternative to the following drug types:

  • Pain Pills
  • Antidepressants
  • Muscle Relaxers
  • Sleep Aids

Recovering addicts see the pharmaceutical industry for what it truly is and testify openly that natural remedies such as Kratom hold the power to beat Big Pharma. Kratom offers consumers a way to take back their buying decisions from the medical industry. As patients demand coordinated care coupled with individualized medical options, the dangerous medical/pharmaceutical alliance will be left powerless. My friends over at Online Kratom are blazing the way as one of the leading retailers of Kratom.

Although Kratom has been around for centuries, we first discovered it and its medicinal properties in 2011. My partner and I both suffered from some painful conditions that resulted in severe insomnia which in turn led to loss of energy. A mutual friend recommended that we try this tree leaf that helped him manage pain while increasing his energy.

As entrepreneurs focus business models on making Kratom readily available to the public, indifferent doctors find it difficult to turn a blind eye. With the rise of technology and peer-to-peer eCommerce skyrocketing, big pharmaceutical corporations will be undercut by the “little guys” they never see coming. Online Kratom is offering Home of Wealth readers a fantastic new special, but get over there soon because it ends in a few days!

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  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist health and fitnessminimalist wellness