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Minimalist Travel - Alternate Latitude
Wow, this is such a great minimalist travel idea! Alternate Latitude is a term charter catamaran business located in the Virgin Islands. A recent recipient of the The Charter Yacht Brokers Association International (CYBA) award due to owners, Steve and Deb's, proactive view of ocean preservation. They won on the following eco-friendly business initiatives that I wanted to share with readers:
  • We provide BPA-free beverage bottles to all of our charter guests instead of buying disposable plastic bottles of water.
  • We've both been to the land-fill here and it's heart-breaking. We have a 60 gallon-per-hour water maker that provides clean, filtered, delicious water - plenty for drinking, bathing, cooking & cleaning.
  • We use energy-efficient LED lights throughout the boat. We strictly use white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda & essential oils to clean our boat. And boy do they work well!
  • Our boat is shiny, healthy & clean. And we use gentle, biodegradable laundry detergent on our sheets & towels.
  • We use cloth napkins & towels, eliminating the need for disposable paper napkins & paper towels.
  • We collect & recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles & glass as much as possible.
  • We educate our guests about the delicate nature of the coral reefs and provide snorkeling equipment & floaties so there is no need to stand on or touch them.
  • We use re-usable laundry & grocery bags to reduce the plastic bags that can end up polluting our precious seas.
  • We implement solar panels and use our sails when in motion instead of our engines as much as the wind will cooperate.
  • Our menu includes ingredients that are organic or sustainably grown & produced. We also search for fresh local fruits & vegetables. Our guests enjoy a healthy but decadent & delicious menu. We promote a reef-safe mineral sunscreen.
  • We continue to upgrade our equipment to more energy-efficient models, like our brand new freezer & electrical charging system.


It has been a long time since I have written about such an enticing minimalist travel option. The Alternate Latitude business model has everything I look for in a minimalist travel destination. Steve and Deb themselves practice the art of "less stuff' and lead by example to all of their guests on how happy life can be when you simply enjoy every moment.

"We take guests sailing around the Virgin Islands for a week at a time. Guests typically range from 2-3 couples, families of 6 or less and Honeymoon/anniversary couples. Short of preaching minimalism to our guests, we do our best to show them by example that you can live very well without "stuff" as well as being conscious of what we leave in our wake, literally & figuratively."  -Steve

Past guests of Alternate Latitude continue to post rave reviews about their experiences. Deb and Steve also have a robust social media presence where prospective travelers can follow their daily lives on Instagram and grab ideas from company Pinterest boards. Delicious food, a fantastic backdrop, and hosts that are willing to show you how to spend time submersed in local culture - what's not to love? Follow Alternate Latitude's adventures from your own home and consider this as your next minimalist travel destination.

  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneurminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingminimalist travel