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Crocodile cookies
One of the best ways to spend time and not money is to share experiences in and around the home. A Blended Life is one woman's quest to convince the rest of us to cook, create, and forage together. Anita is a busy mother of two teenage boys inspiring others through her unique lens of rural Australia. Anita embodies what blogging can do for the world - empower. By reading Anita's authentic accounts of her daily life in the remote Northern Territory I am immediately inspired to look beyond my own corner of the world into hers and empathize.

"So a little about me, I grew up in the northern part of Australia in Darwin, the Northern Territory.  We lived in a remote rural area called Lambells Lagoon, about 45 kilometer (as crow flies) from the city of Darwin.  Lambells Lagoon consisted of  virgin  rural 20 acre blocks of land, dirt roads, no electricity  or piped water.  Life was simple and very basic, we had a kerosene fridge, kero lamps, log fires to cook on and battery power for lights. My mother tells me in the initial stages, we had to wait for dad to get home with the car, for the battery power, later we purchased a gas cooker and generators for power." Anita, Founder, ABlendedLife.com 
A Blended Life is Anita's outlet to share her unique upbringing and highlight a concept all too often ignored, one of self-confidence and strong work ethic. My readers and I also attempt to live our lives simply and focused on more important experiences than material possessions. I applaud Anita for her courage to remain genuine and supply her international following with amazing recipes (like clever crocodile cookies) mixed with gritty life lessons. In today's crazy pace, never forget to slow down and unclutter.