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Minimalist Art - Rent Art Easely
2014 Copyright (C) Alice Chaillou


The Netflix for art work - what an excellent way to describe Easely's business model. The premise is simple:

  • Set-up your taste preferences with a "Taste Profile"
  • Browse artwork from the extensive online collection
  • Create or log-in to your user account
  • Rent pieces of art for your space on a 30-day basis
  • Buy what you like, swap what you don't

I love this concept! Easely gives artists a fantastic way to build their brands and a stream of revenue. Home and business owners can decorate spaces at reasonable rental prices and change motif as they like. Easely is truly disrupting "the old way" of purchasing fine art through galleries and shows and is putting distribution of pieces in the hands of the creators.

You can rent unique ready-to-hang prints - buy the ones you like and swap the ones you don't. Every customer on Easely gets to work with a personal curator to find the perfect piece(s) for their home and it makes the process of finding art fun and personal as opposed to daunting and mundane. When you receive the art, it arrives as a gallery-wrapped stretched canvas that has been numbered by hand. It comes with a hammer and nail, so everything you need to put it up is in the box. Plus it arrives with information about the work and the artist statement, so you get to know the artist.

I see this service as especially valuable for business owners wanting to keep their office spaces fresh and trending. Entrepreneurs and start-ups operating on a lean budget could easily achieve dramatic spaces for minimal monthly expenses. The best feature about Easely is that every monthly credit paid toward renting a piece of art will offset a person's decision to purchase that piece! For example, if you rent a piece of art for two months and pay $39.98, the $250 purchase price just became $210.02! Affordability and flexibility, how awesome! I can't say enough, get over and check it out for yourself.

  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticartentrepreneurfine artminimalist designstart up