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"It's Christmas Day" Goes Viral After Decades of Anonymity

Home of Wealth warmly welcomes an open letter from our friend, Dougie Campbell!


My name is Dougie Campbell. I'm a former BBC Radio DJ and Producer in Scotland. Thought you might be interested in a slightly different Christmas Story.

I've often heard it said that Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas songs. Well, that's certainly the case for me. When I was at school in the 1980's, there was a competition in a local newspaper so I thought I'd have a go. I'd never written a song before, let aIone a Christmas one but I posted my entry off and waited. Sadly I didn't hear anything more about it so I assumed it didn't win! I was, however, pleased with the way the song sounded and asked my local primary school in Balfron, Scotland if they would be interested in singing it. They said 'yes' and they sounded great! The next thing I knew a local record company got wind of it and decided to release it as a single.

It was a very small release but amazingly 'It's Christmas Day' ended up getting plays on both BBC, local radio and TV. And there were newspaper articles. In fact, quite often I would turn on the radio and I'd hear it playing. All the pupils would call each other and discuss what radio station had just played the song and what they had said about it. If I was excited, I can't begin to imagine how the Balfron pupils must have felt! We felt like pop stars (in our own small way!). We even appeared twice on the national TV news and it was the first song ever to be played over the sound system in the main square in Glasgow, George Square, that wasn't released by a major record company.

Fast forward to 2009.It was coming up to Christmas again and I thought I would make a short video of still pictures to accompany the song. That year, a few people heard 'It's Christmas Day' on YouTube and made some really nice comments about it. The following year, I received an email from a young Mezzo Soprano singer in the USA. She loved 'It's Christmas Day' and wanted to perform it at her church. Of course I was delighted.(She did a wonderful job btw!)

The following year, interest in 'It's Christmas Day' began to snowball, It was performed by choirs in the USA, India, Holland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Canada ,Germany, UK, the Philippines and many other countries too. I received many humbling and rewarding feedback from choirmasters and performers. Incidentally, you can view some of the other choirs on this webpage of 'It's Christmas Day': http://www.itschristmasday.com/index.php/where-was-it-sung The song has also been performed by international recording artist Marri Nallos. This beautiful version is very different to the children's version of the song and Marri brings an entirely different feel to the song. You can listen to Marri's version HERE.

So, as we approach Christmas 2014 you may wonder how 'It's Christmas Day' is doing? Let's just say it has far and away exceeded my expectations. On YouTube, it now has over 240,000 views and versions of 'It's Christmas Day' have reached over 70,000 plays on SoundCloud.

I really don't know what the special ingredient is that is making the song so popular. All I know is that it is truly delightful when another choir from somewhere in the world ask if they have permission to perform the song this Christmas. So on the 25th, as I sit down with my family for Christmas dinner, I will raise a toast to the original choir of Balfron Primary School and all the new choirs and singers who have done such a wonderful job performing 'It's Christmas Day' Some versions of It's Christmas Day can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/christmas-music Many thanks for your time Kind Regards, Dougie Campbell


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