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If a minimalist walked into a headshop, what would they buy? No, this isn't a corny joke it's an important question regarding the state of marijuana legalization today. To support or not to support - that is the question? Here at Home of Wealth we do! HoW is based in the Midwest and is thus far not legalized, but all of our editors are crossing fingers and toes it will happen soon. Sadly, after the recent mid-term elections we aren't as confident as we once were. Regardless of political divides, we wholeheartedly support our friends in those states that have already approved marijuana legalization legislation. 

So for the time being we have to veil our attempts at purchasing marijuana and cannabis products under the guise of vapes, e-juice, and tobacco rolling. Given our politically correct and legally abiding (minimalists hate that shit) purchasing options, pictured above is my best guess at what a minimalist would buy if he or she walked into a headshop. The SToK R Series Vape Pen Kit offers minimalists something simple, useful, and timeless. Priced at $60 it is not the cheapest or the most pricey, but we are willing to pay for what we get. This product is locally sourced and made in the USA. Minimalists support small businesses doing things differently. We also like innovation and vaping is currently legal, unregulated, and fair game in most Midwestern states.And so my winning online head shop is The Smoke Cartel!

We started Smoke Cartel because we were fed up with bad experiences with ordering online. We ship everything directly from our distribution center in Savannah, and our average shipping speed is 2-4 days from the moment you place your order to the moment it arrives at your doorstep. We source most of our glass from artists in the United States, and all of our titanium nails and accessories are produced here in the USA using high quality materials from reputable manufacturers.


Based in Savannah, Georgia, this little shop packs an online and offline punch! Based on a simple idea that local glass artisans can connect globally with tobacco and marijuana lifestyle enthusiasts, The Smoke Cartel is doing it differently. Their online catalog features items like:
  • Dab Rigs
  • Glass Water Pipes
  • Bubblers
  • Vaporizers
  • Grinders
  • Heady Glass

So why did I go with a vape pen kit? Well, for starters I love the concept of smokeless tobacco, plus I would never, ever choose anything related to marijuana smoking because I follow the law (ahem). Ok, back to why I love vaporizing. As a previous smoker myself, I will admit I miss the habit terribly, but alas it was killing me. Now, vaporizing tobacco without harmful smoke and second hand smells is a game changer. So while the debate rages on about flavored e-juice leading to increased teen smoking and marijuana unraveling the moral fabric of American society, we at Home of Wealth will continue to highlight great products and fantastic business models like The smoke Cartel.





  • Tracy Freese
  • artcustomentertainmententrepreneurminimalist lifestyleminimalist living