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Minimalist Spotlight - Empire Web Designs
Unique & Custom Designed Websites & Logos At Brisbane Based Empire Web Designs

You are a busy entrepreneur that doesn't have time to discover reputable service providers to grow your business, so let me help you! I feel your pain, all I want to do all day is focus on my core business competencies and leave the rest to the experts, but where are the experts? Like many minimalist entrepreneurs reading this post, I have been burned by inferior freelance service providers, especially in the online marketing and web design realm. Face-to-face collaboration is dead. I can't even claim to want to meet freelancers anywhere but Skype which is why I have no fear of entering the global gig economy and tapping international talent.

Thus, I highlight a fantastic company today. Empire Web Designs is an Australian based online creative firm dedicated to helping small business owners retain potential customers' attention thereby increasing sales conversion rates.

You have 5 seconds to grab your customers attention before they close your webpage. It is very important that your website works as hard as you do, for your business. The best web design is the one that offers a user-friendly experience that compels the visitor to come back for more. Your website should represent your image, connect you with your customers, bolsters your brand and improves your bottom line. The Team at Empire Web Designs thinks a little different when it comes to designing websites, we focus on creating the perfect customer experience not just a website.
Empire Web Designs offers a wide range of creative web services including:
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Logo Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Media Campaign Design
  • Mobile App Design and Implementation

I especially love the fact that Empire Web Designs is willing to dive into mobile application development for its customers. Engaging your customers through their mobile devices is where the market is heading. If your website isn't optimized for the hectic, emerging mobile landscape you are leaving revenue on the table that your competition is more than willing to pick up and close. Maybe your entire business concept is monetizing a mobile app, fantastic, let the talented staff of Empire Web Designs breath fire into it and set you apart from the pack!

  • Tracy Freese
  • corporate minimalismentrepreneurminimalist computingminimalist designminimalist technologystart up