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Minimalist Food & Beverage - Sub Zero Wine Storage and Refrigeration


Many minimalists are also enthusiasts of some type, today, I thought I would highlight a quality line of products within the wine storage and refrigeration industry. Sub-Zero Wine coolers provide a temperature and humidity controlled environment in which to store your wine collection with beautiful aesthetics. There are many types and brands at varying price levels on the market today, however we suggest avoiding the most cheaply priced model that fits your needs and instead taking a closer look at what spending more today could lead to in the future. Here are some other factors to consider when purchasing your wine cooling unit.

  • Wine Bottle Capacity - Thankfully Sub-zero wine coolers offer many different heights and dimensions to accommodate small and large wine collections.
  • Temperature Settings - Sub-zero wine coolers are able to cool your bottles within one degree of set point.
  • Shelving Configurations - Be certain the model you choose is going to accommodate all of your bottle types including half bottles and magnums.
  • The Ability to Lock - This is especially important if you have expensive vintages you are cooling but also suggested if you have minor children in your household.
  • Price Point - Not all wine coolers are created equal which is why we chose Sub-zero. Minimalism is not about giving up quality for quantity. We prefer to pay for what we get which means we are willing to invest in one superior item that will last for decades and we feel the Sub-Zero brand meets those criteria.
  • Service - Investing in fine wine is both an art form and an asset which is why your wine appliances should be serviced regularly and maintain proper calibrations. If you are in the Los Angeles area we recommend Sub-Zero Repair Pros as an excellent resource for all of your Sub-zero and Wolf appliance needs.

Taking the time to select the right wine cooler for your needs and budget will enhance your collection as well as your hobby. Remember, you most certainly pay for what you get and should consider avoiding cheaply priced wine cooling units in favor of quality models backed by proper warranties and service providers. Many online retailers support customer product reviews that may help you with the selection process. Allow your wine collection to age as it was intended to and enjoy your bottles today and ten years from now.


  • aestheticminimalist designminimalist food and beverage