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Minimalist Crowdfund - The Financial Literacy Contest

My name is Mike Finley, AKA The Crazy Man in the Pink Wig. I spent 26 years in the United States Army as a Military Policeman and during that time I found my calling far beyond being a soldier. I teach people about money and how to make the most of it as it enters and leaves their lives. I believe everyone deserves a financial education and I am attempting to do something about it.

Years ago, I started teaching classes on the world of money and investing on the University of Northern Iowa and University of Iowa campuses. I wrote a book, Financial Happine$$, to help people better understand the issue, while striving for a happier, more meaningful life. I even built a website: TheCrazyManinthePinkWig.com to help others better understand the issues.Now, I am trying something that has never been done before. In April 2015, I am putting on a Financial Literacy Contest at the Gallagher Bluedorn Theatre (location may change) on the University of Northern Iowa Campus. At that test, I will give away $100,000. Top prize is $25,000! 

I have set aside $100,000 of my own money for the winners, but I could use some help with the expenses. Those costs are estimated to be around $20,000. The costs include renting a large space for a day, materials to take the test, insurance and incidentals that go with running such a big event. 

Any money I receive beyond the expenses, will go toward helping me pay the winners. I hope to put this contest on each year with bigger and bigger payouts. Anyone can take this test. I want to bring financial literacy to generations of people, but I will need your help.

What happens if I don't get the money? I will cover it out of my own pocket, but that will probably stop me from continuing this contest beyond year 1. My last name is not Gates or Buffett. I am looking for people who believe in this issue as passionately as I do. I want to find partners.

Any donation will do, but don't put yourself in a hole. Some people do not have the money to be giving away and you shouldn't if that applies to you. Reduce your debt and/or increase your emergency savings before you give me any money. If you would like to help in a way that is not financial, pass this along to your friends and family who do have extra money to contribute. Let's do this!

  • Tracy Freese
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