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Minimalist Spotlight - Simple Ring Works

Why do women always wear their wedding rings yet men often do not? Well, I am one of those men that does not wear his wedding ring because I could easily mangle my finger throughout my work day. I am totally committed to my wife and she isn't offended by my choice, but it would be nice to wear my ring more often. Not unlike many blue collar employees, I spend eight hours each day surrounded by sharp tools, heavy machinery, and hard labor. None of those items are accommodating to diamonds or gold.

When watching HBO's Hard Knocks a couple years ago I remember quarterback Andy Dalton showing off his high-grade silicone wedding ring and discussing the fact that the NFL actually allowed players to wear them on the field. I couldn't help but be impressed by Andy's marital commitment (she's a pilates instructor, ahem) and just the other day watched the Bengals' game only to see he still had it on after several years. So today I highlight a quality provider of "high performance wedding rings for the totally committed."

Simple Ring Works supplies four styles of high-performance wedding bands, two for men and two for women, that are attractive and affordable. Check out the "Our Story" page and discover founder Randy Velker's desire to show commitment and his ring finger's unfortunate run-in with physics.

I am at a playground playing tag with my 3 youngest children. I grabbed a railing to help myself swing quickly around a sharp corner and as I let go of the railing…. the railing did not let go of my ring. My ring was buried up inside the flesh all the way up to  the first knuckle. Fortunately, if you make a tightly clenched fist in this scenario the bleeding is minimized. With my injury I was fortunate that the ring never made it past that first knuckle (my enlarged knuckle probably saved an even more traumatic outcome)...

So was Randy able to save his ring and his finger? You better discover the answer for yourself over at Simple Ring Works.

While you are there take advantage of a Home of Wealth exclusive 25% discount code: GHCG7Q5K

Whether you work outside like me, save lives, or are actively involved with sports and fitness a high-performance wedding ring could fit your lifestyle perfectly.

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