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Minimalist Spotlight - Truth Contest Prep

Home of Wealth is pleased to welcome guest blogger, Tom Rutherford owner of Truth Contest Prep.

I created Truth Contest Prep to get people interested in my online meal and workout planning services. Being in the fitness and nutrition industry for nearly 17 years, I have had the ability to train over 1000 clients. But one thing that I have learned is that the truly educated never stop learning! Every month it seems there is a new craze that hits the exercise and supplement world. I help my clients to build foundations of knowledge to allow them to sort through what is real and false. That is my ultimate goal.  

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education with an English of Other Speakers endorsement, so I have the ability to teach to my clients a specific learning style. I was able to build a near man-child body by lifting weights and reading all the info from every muscle mag from the ages of 12-17. I built a complete body with deep cut abs and a popping lil' chest.

At the age of 25 I moved to Texas to train at the world famous Metroflex gym in Arlington. In 2009 I opened my own facility Ellipsis Fitness Centers of Texas, I was able to work with hundreds of people to help them reach their personal health goal. Within three or four years, I partnered up with Rock Fitness in Richardson, TX where I was able to live my dream of training full time while competing in bodybuilding. I was able to capture five middle weight class wins at national qualifiers, two overall bodybuilding championships, and a third place finish at Jr. USA's. I have had the time and experience to really assess why I love the sport.

Teaching others over the past five years, my clients and I have built a team called Truth Contest Prep. I have created Truth Supplements & Contest Prep, LLC to offer clients a one stop all encompassing fitness and health experience; from, motivation to meal/workout services, personal training, patented joint care supplement, and energy products. Helping people through as many channels as possible is what sets our team apart from others; I offer a one stop customized complete experience.  

Please visit my website which showcases before and after pictures of my clients' success that we achieved together. Including training and show videos, and all of the supplements with order forms ready to help those who are motivated enough to order effective and affordable products immediately. In 2014, clients were able to lose over 1300 lbs with the Truth Contest Prep meal/workout and supplement counseling services.

This year Truth Contest Prep produced two nationally qualified physique show competitors, wrote the Bodybuilding on a Budget Book, patented and trademarked a science backed joint care product called Velvet-Flex, as well as started a catered, delivered, and custom food service. If you are tired of being where you are now physically, get in touch for your complimentary health assessment today.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist health and fitnessminimalist wellness