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The Desire Map Licensing Program

Women rarely put themselves first. If it isn't kids, it's a significant other, or it's a career. This cycle of selflessness begs the question, "Where does that attitude leave women with regard to taking a risk, reaching for the stars, and fulfilling their dreams? Sadly, the outcome is often many restless nights' reflections filled with the knowledge that she never branched out and started a business, or discovered her spirituality. Can the Desire Map help you put a fine point on your dreams and aspirations? Could you and your network of friends benefit from an exact road map to self actualization? Danielle LaPorte believes it can and is bringing the program to you through a trusted network of affiliates. Read on to discover how you too can take part in a wildly successful national best selling program.

Take 7 seconds to ask yourself this question: How much money do you want to earn this year? You don’t need to tell me, but I’d like you to keep your answer in mind as you read on…

For quite a while now, I’ve been quietly (or maybe, not so quietly) keeping my eyes peeled for my ‘right work’. The j-o-b or entrepreneurial opportunity that I’d actually want to jump out of bed to start working on each morning. Meaningful work. Work that lets me put my skills and passions to use, while also making a difference in other people’s lives.

And finally, I’ve found it.

I am now an official Licensee of The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte. This means that I get to host my own world-renowned Desire Map workshops. Pre-revenues so far just hit the $6,000 mark and are still climbing – I’m floored. And yes, I’m pinching myself.

And now I’m calling on all of you who are… Coaches! Yogis! Healers! Health and Wellness pros! And basically anyone who has some entrepreneurial blood in their veins. Frankly, this program could change your entire life. It could change your kids’ life – and no, that’s not a melodramatic statement AT ALL.

You’re inspired. You’re ready to create value. You’re ready to shake people to the core and change lives for the better. Ready to lead a soulful revolution. And to make a helluva lot of money while you’re at it.
  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneurminimalist wellnessstart upwellness