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  • 2014 TurboTax for Business
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2014 TurboTax for Business

This one goes out to all of my digital nomads, micro freelancers, and work at home moms. As a self-employed freelancer I often struggle with how to tackle my taxes each year. After I get done kicking myself for not staying more organized throughout the year with my receipts, swearing I will change, knowing I will not, and then shuddering at the amount I pay my accountant - I consider software.

Accounting is a tough subject. I agree. It can become even more tricky when it comes to tax calculation. Two options are available. You can spend countless hours while doing the calculations yourself. Beware! One wrong calculation can lead to wrong payments. You can also hire a person to do this time-consuming task for you, but, the probability of errors is the same. Thanks to tax preparation software. With this, you will be able to calculate your taxes with 100% accuracy and you can also save money with this software.

You do not have to do all manual tax calculations, you can just use a simple software like TurboTax and the task is done. Just think about it. All the work is done in just a few clicks. Still not convinced? They are even offering a $20 discount to change your mind. TurboTax is one of the most popular tax preparation software packages in the United States. This software will not only help in making calculations, but, it will guide you about the deductions you deserve. It makes tax paying a cool experience, OK not really, but it does offer some of these helpful features for the self-employed and small business owners!

Features of TurboTax Business:

1. Double error checking and a smooth tax return journey.

2. Complete report related to small business income and expenses.

3. Maximize small business deductions and depreciation.

4. Live TurboTax product support from experts.

5. Guidance about industry specific tax deductions.

6. Five federal e-files attached.

7. Unlimited tax forms for your employees and contractors.

8. 10% discount through Amazon gift vouchers.*

9. Business coaching and step-by-step guide.

TurboTax comes with a clean and modern look. Navigation is very clear and the help buttons are easily available. The help system also includes chatting with tax experts via phone or Skype. TurboTax is available for Windows & Mac. TurboTax provides special guidance to first time users. It is also has real-time update features for recent law changes. Buy it, use it, and forget about it until next season - what's not to love?

  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneurFinancefrugal minimalistminimalist technologystart up