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Minimalist Spotlight - TINE

I am constantly amazed at the creativity I see in mobile technology, today's highlight is 110% amazing. TINE (pronounced 'tiny') is something I have never seen before. Everyone and their mother has been bombarded by QR codes (those funny looking black and white rubix-cube-looking thingys on the bottom of your yogurt containers) over the last few years but TINE takes that tired concept to a whole new level.

The basic idea of a QR code is to point your smart phone's camera at the little black and white boxes, they whisper sweet nothings into your smart phone's processor, and you are magically taken to a super exciting piece of online real estate. From event registrations to tweets, QR codes are designed to make online navigation easy and interactive.

TINE takes the QR code concept and jacks it up a notch - it makes life interactive. Take a moment and watch the quick video above and you will discover the endless ways TINE creates new dimensions to existing communication channels.

  • Wow your prospective clients with an interactive message.
  • Add a message to your mother's birthday card.
  • Leave yourself detailed reminders about to-dos.
  • Surprise your significant other or loved one with a special message.

The ideas go on and on and on! Part post-it note, part YouTube video, this is revolutionary, People! I already downloaded my app and ordered my free TINE tags, have you?


  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneurfunminimalist technologystart up