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Minimalist Spotlight - PrepMyVideo.com

I don't even know where to begin with this blog post so I am going to tell you all that right now. I am so excited to share this company and website with all of you that my head might explode.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur myself, producing great videos is incredibly challenging...and expensive. I know I need them to reach a larger audience but I only have so much room in my brain for knowledge and video production hasn't made the cut.

Last year I had 8 - 1 minute videos produced to the tune of $500! I have a great HD camera, a good scene, and sufficient lighting - but that is where it ends. Thus, I decided to call a pro and have him produce videos for me. Sure, they look great, but I would rather be spending my budget on marketing and technology upgrades rather than expensive video production.

Today I discovered an answer to my problem! Prepmyvideo.com is a simple, affordable, and effective solution for business owners (like me) who can film a video but do not have the know-how to finish one. Listen to what owner Caleb Brauer has to tell us:

We are here for anyone who uses video to lift their business or brand. The process is easy- Record your video and then send it over to us. We'll prepare it for the world in just 24 hours by adding an intro, outro, background music and your logo throughout the video. FYI check out the How It Works video at PrepMyVideo.com for the best synopsis of how it works =)

I watched the video, saw how simple the site was, loved that I could transact with PayPal, and then was blown away by the affordable pricing! As a comparison, the $500 I spent on 8 - 1 minute videos would have been $276! That is a 55% savings people! At Home of Wealth we are all about disruption within how work gets done and Prepmyvideo.com embodies all of what we love. Goodbye expensive, cumbersome video production that drains budgets. Hello simple, fast, and affordable!

  • Tracy Freese
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