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Minimalist Writing - Relative Malice by Marla Madison

So you want to publish your first novel, have you been picked up by a publishing company? Yeah, not so easy to do, is it? Do you know what is incredibly easy these days? Self publishing your own novel and marketing it for an affordable price.

Working differently, that is what minimalist living enthusiasts love. Avoid the bloated publishing machine altogether and circulate your work to the world through technology. Disruption is exciting and innovation is the key! Here are five top websites that are disrupting publishing as we once knew it:

  1. CreateSpace.com (An Amazon Company)
  2. Lulu.com
  3. Burb.com
  4. Kdp.amazon.com (Kindle Direct)
  5. Archwaypublishing.com (Simon and Schuster)


Today, I highlight self-published author, Marla Madison, and her novel Relative Malice as an excellent example of self publishing.

"I'm a new independent author who loves to read and write suspense. Relative Malice is my very favorite of all my suspense "babies" because its star, Detective Kendall Halsrud, represents today's real woman with all of her flaws and all of her strengths. A sequel, also featuring Kendall, will be published in April. To introduce new readers to Kendall, Relative Malice will be free in its ebook form from February 21 to 25. Enjoy!"

- Marla Madison http://marlamadison.blogspot.com

Marla skipped the costly middle men and simply created, edited, proofed, and marketed her novel into the hands of millions worldwide. Readers are proclaiming how exciting and thrilling Relative Malice is and are clamoring for the next installment. If you want to get your own copy of Relative Malice, click the picture above and see what a high-quality self-published novel looks like!

  • Tracy Freese
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