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Living the SFM Digital Lifestyle with Jon Hunter

Traveling the world with no agenda and no plan for coming home used to be something only the independently wealthy could pull off. But, the 21st Century is the time of the Digital Entrepreneur. No idea where to begin? No problem, join Jon Hunter and his Six Figure Mentors Program for a step-by-step guide and support during your journey.

"In less than a year, I was able to quit my nine to five job to work and live in a totally different way. I now work when and where I want, I own my business, so I actually want to work. It’s no longer about paying bills or working towards the next vacation. I've created a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility and it feels amazing!"

-Jon Hunter, Six Figure Mentors

The power of the Internet makes it possible for anyone with enough drive to make a living from their laptop. Digital Entrepreneurs work in their pajamas or from the balcony of their hotel overlooking the ocean. All they need is a WiFi connection and they can fund themselves abroad for as long as they like. If you want to live the life of the Digital Entrepreneur, here are three ways the Six Figure Mentors program can get you started:

  1. Minimal Overhead - Forget about office space and telephone systems, SFM requires nothing but a small monthly fee to get started!
  2. Online Tools, Resources, and Education - You will never feel out of your league as SFM provides you with any information and technical know-how you could possibly need to make your Internet business dreams into Internet business success. Discover how easy eCommerce, online marketing and web development can be!
  3. A Network of Mentors Excited to Help You - The SFM Private Community is filled with people just like you. Everyone from around the globe is a team of enthusiastic Digital Lifestyle champions.

Living the life of a Digital Entrepreneur is easier than you think, and the rewards are priceless. There will never be a better time to get started living your dream. Jon is just one of many Six Figure Mentors ready, willing, and able to change your life forever. Drop by his website for more details and get your free gift today!

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