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  • 4 Simple Ideas to Live Healthier
  • Tracy Freese
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4 Simple Ideas to Live Healthier

Our lives are increasingly complex. A simple, happy life is just around the corner if we drop social expectations and live without any false pretenses. You do not need that huge house, new designer dress, or luxury automobile. Move away from the harsh chemicals and toxic food preservatives into organic, nutrient-filled cooking. Living a more natural life will lead to all sorts of new, healthier habits. By putting a bit of effort into your daily choices, you will increase energy and focus.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Wardrobe - choose function over trend.
  • Hygeine - edit your tools, makeup, and products to the bear minimum.
  • Decoration - I cannot stress enough how much time, energy, and wealth is wasted on decorating stuff - stop the insanity.
  • Health and Wellness - what are you putting in your body? This is the big one.

Dr. Mark, owner of Good Living Warehouse designed his website to help people understand how truly amazing the human body is and give them simple tools for living life naturally in health and vitality. From healthy foods to natural sleep aids, Dr. Mark is providing alternatives to Big Pharma and unnecessary, harmful chemical band-aids.

Don't simply live your life on the surface, dig deeper and make positive changes to your daily misconceptions. Doing so will free precious mental real estate and increase positive energy in your life. Don't stop at the few examples above, apply simple, natural living habits to the gifts you give, the language you speak, and the work you do.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist livingminimalist wellnesssimplewellness