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8" Clear Glass Pendant Light- Ship Rope
I am immediately gripped by the vintage minimalist aesthetic of Hammer & Heels then I discover they foster homeless puppies! PUPPIES! Who doesn't want to buy high quality home interior products that are made in the USA and help foster puppies? Love. it.
Vintage, eco-friendly, upcycled, recycled, heirloom quality...my minimalist brain begins to scramble as all of my favorite techniques collide into one corner of the Internet. Here are some highlights of this amazing company:
  • Designed and fabricated in Oakland, California
  • Can't find what you want? No problem, H&H loves to customize pieces.
  • Pieces are sourced, designed, and created from local ingredients.
  • They love traditional building techniques as much as HoW does!
  • Proceeds to charity (we call that philanthrocapitalism around here)
  • Gifts, Lighting, Furniture, Decor...the list goes on.
I am bombarded by so many amazing products and concepts as I wander through H&H's streamlined eCommerce store that I get concerned I will never do this blog justice. Then, I discover executive artisan, Alicia Engman, is a neuroscientist dedicated to creating American jobs and gender equality. Done, my head just exploded! Every page of this site is well-designed and pleasing to my wandering eye. From rustic lighting and sleek wooden furniture to aviator glasses-wearing taxidermy, I am hooked!
Are you decorating for the minimalist lifestyle? Do you subscribe to minimalist living principles? You best check out Hammers & Heels.