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  • Tracy Freese
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Nothing a Coat of Paint Can't Fix - Paint the Town

Refreshing your home's interior or exterior with a fresh coat of paint can increase its value exponentially. I have often heard (and done it myself) that homeowners typically take the time to paint all of the problem areas right before they go to list their home on the open market - why not enjoy the upgrades while you live there? A touch of minimalism might just set in and change your mind about selling. Refreshing your interior can lead to higher productivity and an overall increased appreciation for spending time in your space with friends and loved ones.

The cost to refresh a space vs. remodeling or selling is tiny yet packs a mean aesthetic punch. Begin by uncluttering your space and GETTING RID OF JUNK, then brainstorm on how you might re-purpose your current possessions into a cleaner, more streamlined visual design. Finally, freshen up the space with bright, light neutrals complimented by strategic accent walls or bold trim like the scene pictured above. Spend time with the people that matter most to you in your space, don't spend money adorning it with useless objects!

Unsure you have what it takes to paint your space like a pro? Don't worry, I consulted Seattle's interior painting experts, Paint the Town and here are their 7 steps to choosing the right residential painter:

  1. Have an idea about what you want to include in your project before you call a contractor.
  2. Ask friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers for a referral. Also ask material suppliers, your interior decorator or architect.
  3. Make sure the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured to do work in your home state. Get a bid on estimates for your project.
  4. Ask the contractor for previous customers you can call. Be sure to actually call them!
  5. Take a look at photos of prior jobs or go by in person.
  6. Choose the right value for your project.
  7. Find a contractor you feel comfortable working with. Good communication is the key to a successful project – small or large.
  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticclutterminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingrepurposeunclutter