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TRESPASS by Marla Madison

Recently Home of Wealth highlighted Marla Madison's second novel, Relative Malice, so by popular demand, we wanted to support Marla in her third effort - Trespass! I recently caught up with Marla and she offered this message to her audience:

"Hello readers, I've been a reader myself ever since I was old enough to walk to the library! I love to read suspense with Lisa Gardner, Tess Gerritsen, Jonathan Kellerman, and Jeffrey Deaver being some of my favorite authors from that genre. I always find time to read! I've wanted to try writing my own book so after I retired I started writing my first suspense novel, She's Not There. What actually got me started? I joined a local writers' group that met every two weeks critiquing each other's work. Without my fellow members' support and knowledge, I'd never have gotten started. 'Find a group to work with,' is always my first bit of advice to anyone with a secret dream to write. I found out quickly that readers are hungry for sequels. So, since my first two books were only related in a small way, they have evolved into two separate series. Trespass is the second in the TJ Peacock and Lisa Rayburn series. My second book, Relative Malice will be shortly followed by Iced Malice. You can get special deals on my books by signing up for my mailing list on my blog: http://marlamadison.blogspot.com  

- All my best, Marla"

Trespass is Marla’s third suspense novel. It can be read as a stand-alone or a follow up to its predecessor, She's Not There. TJ Peacock, a female PI who had a leading role in She's Not There, turned out to be readers' favorite character in the book. Because of that, Marla was inspired to write Trespass, with a storyline giving TJ a bigger role.

TJ, with a small child to care for and a boyfriend wanting their relationship to move to the next step, is getting bored with her PI business. She agreed to give up the dangerous jobs and stick to security work because of her young son. 
A deadly home explosion in her neighborhood draws TJ out into the night to see what happened. She meets Gemma, a woman who lives across from the fire and whose best friend was incinerated. Gemma, who suffers from sleep paralysis, hires TJ to find out who killed her friend in the explosion that fire authorities have ruled accidental. 
Back in her element, TJ uncovers a link between the explosion and a series of illegal home entries in the area. When Gemma and her ex-husband are attacked and a young girl dies under suspicious circumstances, TJ finds herself in the middle of a series of crimes linked to a tragic double suicide that happened more than a decade ago. She has to unearth a killer before he adds more victims to his growing list.


A literary powerhouse with extreme focus on what her readers want, be sure to connect with Marla Madison and stay on top of her latest projects via her weekly blogs, YouTube station above, and Amazon listings. 

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