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  • 4 Helpful Things to Understand when Facing a Disability
  • Tracy Freese
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4 Helpful Things to Understand when Facing a Disability

Many people plan for sudden, unexpected death, but what if that day is instead replaced by full or partial disability? Sure, if you die and have life insurance your family will receive a lump sum of cash. But, what if your income dries up because you can no longer complete work? Here are four things to consider if you have lost the ability to do your job.

  • There is a large difference between being able to complete your job and being able to complete any job. You may assume just because you cannot work your current job any longer that you are considered fully disabled - think again. The definition of disability according to Social Security standards is very complex. Many disabled individuals are forced to take different , lesser forms of employment in order to make ends meet. 
  • If you are fortunate enough to have private long-term disability coverage do you understand all of the policy details? There are percentage caps and deductibles in most policies that can eat away at your current lifestyle. 
  • Did you know the average worker is far more likely to become disabled for 90 days or longer rather than die? According to The 1985 Commissioner's Individual Disability Table, A 40 year-old working male professional is 32% more likely to become disabled than die and a 40 year-old working female professional is 125% more likely to become disabled than die. 
  • Do you have a trusted advisor working with you through your disability process? The US government is highly overworked and underpaid which is why many individuals turn to the private sector for legal help when navigating disability legal claims. 

Disabled and scared about your future? There is help. Conn and Associates PSC works 100% with Social Security disability cases. Conn and Associates PSC provides each client with options and action steps. If a client chooses, he or she can execute all legal tasks from the convenience of his or her own home. But, if the client wants a more traditional approach, he or she can always call them toll-free at 1-800-322-0800 or go to Conn and Associates PSC's Los Angeles, California office. No matter which choice the client makes, he or she can relax knowing that he or she will gain access to years of experience and assertive representation. Conn and Associates PSC's prides itself on professionalism.

  • Tracy Freese
  • Financewellness