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Minimalist Spotlight - Who's Your Walkie?

About two years ago I took a vacation to Atlanta and stayed with my best friend and her husband. Both are busy young professionals and place a high value on their time. While staying with them I also got to spend time with my niece Ruby, a dachshund retriever mix. So while Steph and Reed were gone all day poor Ruby was stuck inside their condo...that is until they met Andrew, their 12 year-old dog walker! Andrew lived a few floors away and was the housing community's go-to for workday animal care.

Ruby and Andrew got along wonderfully and Steph told me Andrew had a key to their apartment, left them notes about his walks with Ruby and invoiced them through QuickBooks each month for payment. I was blown away, not just at Andrew's capacity for entrepreneurial new business formation, but also at the extreme value this child was adding to my friends' household! Move over Mark Zuckerberg! 

So when I came across Santa Cruz' premier dog walking company, Who's Your Walkie?, I was reminded of my trip to Atlanta and knew I had to blog about them! Taking the 12 year-old's lemonade stand business model a bit further, Tiffany Thorsen and her staff add even more value to busy households with the following dog-walking features:

  • Daily e-messages for "pet parents"
  • Flexible online scheduling 
  • Pet taxi services
  • In-home pet-sitting and offsite pet-sitting
  • Pet day care and so much more!

The staff at Who's Your Walkie offer free consultations and with walking services starting at only $24/week! I couldn't get over the punch this company packs!

"I started Who's Your Walkie? 7 years ago because Santa Cruz is a beautiful place to live with your pet. We have a fantastic online booking system, and every staff member works together to take care of the pets as a real team. I try to use technology as much as possible for convenience and because it's awesome:) Our "pet parents" get an e-message every day we walk their dog and all of our booking and billing is done online and is mobile friendly. This work is an extreme blessing and more rewarding than any job I've ever had, not only because of the amazing animals we work with, but also because we build a strong community of people who are amazing and love their pets!" -Tiffany Thorsen

Tiffany's response has such incredible minimalist spirit. She takes these lucky pups on hikes daily, rain or shine, and founded a business model which takes her away from ultraviolet-lit cubicles and into the great outdoors! People from all walks of life can find value in this service. Tiffany and her team are using their company to add multiple layers of value and a community grows stronger from her work - a minimalist grand slam if I have ever heard of one!


  • Tracy Freese
  • adventurebeautiful free experiencescorporate minimalismentrepreneurfunminimalist lifestyleminimalist technologystart up