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  • Tracy Freese
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5 Minimalist Anniversary Ideas

As Prince Charming and I approach our eighth year of wedded bliss, I am reminded by how boring anniversaries truly are. In three days we will probably say something to each other like "Man, it sure doesn't feel like it's been eight years," or "Wow, have we really crammed four mortgages, three kids, two relocations, and a minivan into our lives!?" But, then like every couple strapped for free time, we will forget about our years of monogamous life partnership and sit excitedly in our matching Lazy-boys watching the season 5 premier of Game of Thrones.

So what would a minimalist do on his or her anniversary? I decided I should figure out an answer since I claim to be one. First, a minimalist would celebrate an anniversary by spending time, not money. Second, a minimalist would choose to give a timeless, high quality gift - if they gave a physical gift at all. Lastly, a minimalist would incorporate some type of nostalgia into his or her anniversary festivities; whether a memory, photo, or forgotten item.

Here are five great minimalist anniversary ideas from me to you:

  1. Cook your significant other's favorite meal. It's so simple to cook food and spend time together. Head to the grocer, put in some effort, and watch the smile spread across your spouse's face. 
  2. Involve your children. I realize anniversaries are for moms and dads, but why not have your children pitch in? If they are old enough they can play waiters and waitresses while you dine together. If they are little, create handmade gifts that moms and dads will cherish. 
  3. Dig something up from the past. Give your spouse something they haven't seen in a long, long time. Maybe an old photo from when you met or a memento from your first vacation together.
  4. Solve a problem your spouse has been dealing with. All this one takes is recognition of something that is bothering your spouse. For me, it was a mirror that needed to be hung. A small box of mirror hangers showed up one anniversary and I almost cried. As he hung that mirror that had been leaning against a wall for months, I was so grateful not only to be able to see myself above the neck, but also that he anticipated my needs. 
  5. Give a meaningful gift. This is an item that, on the surface level is nice, but underneath is truly special. Don't tell my husband, but this year I did get him something - a ring made from a quarter. I stumbled upon a Fiverr.com profile selling hand made rings fashioned from quarters. The ring sale proceeds were going to pay for the vendor's next mission trip to Guatemala. I immediately asked the seller if he could make two rings out of "2008" quarters representing the year we got hitched. Ten dollars and some shipping costs later, I had two meaningful rings in my hands. 
Living like a minimalist means living in the NOW. Don't get caught up with boring flowers and chocolates...remember this day is supposed to be about the long-term love you both have for one another. Have you truly stopped to think about that concept in a while? You know, why you got together in the first place? Well, today's the day. Minimalist living enthusiasts don't let mental clutter detract from beautiful free experiences. Stop the noise of advertising and lame jewelry store commercials from pushing your next anniversary into never-ending boredom. Swim against the typical marriage current and choose to love your spouse wholeheartedly without any of the traps capitalism tries to set for you. 
  • Tracy Freese
  • beautiful free experiencesminimalist lifestyleminimalist living