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Improve Your Personal Brand like a Boss

"Image and personal brand is what people think about you in your absence; it is what decides their behavior, emotions, and relation towards you." -Chetna Shinde, Founder, Image Revolution 

A powerful statement from a powerful executive image consulting firm, one that is incredibly true to today's competitive job market. Image Revolution brings a passion to image consultancy rarely seen. Chetna and her personal brand analysts want to see you in the c-suite and will help you improve your image through the 360 Degree Reach Program. If you are an experienced executive looking to move up the corporate ladder, change companies, or find employment, consider a few questions to help you discover the potential you are currently leaving at the board room door.


  • Is your communication style operating on all cylinders? Or, could you improve your communication, appearance, and workplace behaviors? 
  • Are you in need of an image upgrade but unsure how to get started?
  • Do you own a company and feel your employees' workplace images need a boost?


All three of these questions lead to the understanding that a) there are effective professionals available to guide you through the personal branding process, and b) there is a proven method behind elevating personal images, one you are currently not using to your full advantage. Image Revolution begins every client engagement with a current image assessment with the goal of setting a baseline for improvement. Then, through proven implementation strategies, Image Revolution analysts will offer suggestions for improving all professional skills from dining etiquette to personal grooming standards. 

Once tailored action steps for image improvement have been outlined, the Image Revolution team encourages clients to communicate their new corporate brand with the eventual goal of living it naturally. With only three seconds to make your first impression, Image Revolution offers any c-suite executive the opportunity to increase credibility, immediately add value to potential employers, and capitalize on the next big employment win.


  • Tracy Freese
  • corporate minimalism