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Get up and MOVE with Barbeelove Fitness

So I keep hearing that working out with a personal trainer online is a thing, but what I haven't heard of is a smart delivery method. Recently, I was watching a Bloomberg segment featuring Hollywood trainer du jour, Tracy Anderson. She told the reporter all about her brand expansion into this organic food and that energy beverage but wrapped up by saying she is now offering her master fitness classes online. Sweet! I can workout with celebrities and eventually look like Gwyneth Paltrow from my Midwestern living room!

What, you mean Tracy's classes aren't live or filled with Hollywood's elite? Right, but Tracy Anderson is there giving me her customized recommendations, right? Wrong again!? Ugh, I need a brownie.

Therein lies my issue with online fitness programs: they are either a) stripped-down, pre-recorded versions of the good stuff or they are b) online Venus fly traps trying to lead you into purchasing other "lifestyle " products being sold by the trainer. 

My disdain for online fitness training ends today because I finally found a goodie! Barbeelove Fitness, owned and operated by personal training powerhouse, Tamara Barbee Savoie, removes the biggest barrier for most people: time. Her fitness delivery method is LIVE and 100% ONLINE! Not only will she customize fitness lifestyle changes based on your needs, she also leads online bootcamps, membership programs, and small group classes. I reached out to Tamara and here is what she wants you to know about her:

I am a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and a Nutrition Specialist. I know you have heard of many many different personal training business out there, however, mine is quite different from the rest. I train people exclusively ONLINE and LIVE! They never have to leave the comfort of their own homes. So many people say that time is a huge factor in the reason why they do not work out. I eliminate that excuse. My customers can simply roll out of bed in the morning and workout with me! I do private training and live online boot camps.

My brand is unique because I give my clients more for their money than the average Certified Personal Trainer. All of my clients are given a meal plan that is Dietitian and Nutritionist approved specifically for them. I also offer great referral programs and give away awesome prizes to winners of my boot camps (Vegas vacation stays, tablets, heart rate monitor watches, t-shirts, free training, ebooks, and more!).

My best selling product is my boot camp series. Once you are in a boot camp, you are eligible to win one of 3 FREE Vegas vacation stays if you are one of the top 3 people to lose the highest percentage of body fat. You should purchase training sessions with me because it WILL work. I teach you a lifestyle of fitness...not just for a few months.

It was very clear to me from the start that Tamara cares about what she is doing. Her clients are raving about their awesome, realistic results and throwing tons of praise at the Barbeelove Fitness method. Tamara is all-in, are you? If you are like me and find yourself more and more comfortable with online business models, Barbeelove Fitness is one more step in the right direction.





  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneurminimalist health and fitnessminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingminimalist wellnessstart upwellness