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Personalized Wall Stickers - JR Decal

So I have three children: two boys and one princess. Try as I might to encourage my daughter to be resourceful, strong, and hate pink - she loves all that is helpless, fluffy, and privileged. As any mother will tell you, what you want for your children - they often want the opposite. Thus I find myself giving in to her highly creative kingdom of imaginary cuteness. My latest purchase was a custom wall sticker for her bedroom...I figured it was far cheaper and easier than painting the entire thing hot pink as she would have preferred. I consider it a compromise well executed. 

While purchasing my daughter's custom wall decal I couldn't help but think custom vinyl was an interesting business model to highlight. I chose JR Decal because of its easy-to-use eCommerce shopping cart and affordable prices. I sent the company a request for an interview and this is what I received:

"JR decal is a vinyl wall art business situated in the heart of greater Manchester. It is a wall decal business with a big responsibility. That’s why our customer slogan is MAKE YOUR WALL SMILE. As graphic designers, My business partner and I always try to do something creative. We decided to start designing wall with vinyl decal because people always love to see their wall beautiful, especially children. We choose the cartoon character sticker as our main specialty, because your kids love their favorite cartoon character to see on their wall with their personal name. .

This is the 3rd year of JR Decal and this success comes with the main focus of product quality, customer service, and team hard work. From the beginning we maintained our quality even at the most basic level. Using the highest quality printing machines and highest quality vinyl paper available in the industry are two ingredients in our recipe for success. Our customers continue singing our praises so we assume we must be reaching our goal! Most of our vinyl wall stickers are customized, which demands excellent communication with our customers throughout the entire sales process." - JR Decal Management 

From glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers to custom stone tile decals, JR Decal offers thousands of home decor options. I especially like vinyl decals because of their flexible ability to be removed. My princess will eventually grow up and her tastes will (hopefully) change. With the versatility of personalized wall stickers, Mom won't find herself knee-deep in latex paint primer attempting to cover up ten years of vivid magenta!

Starting a business? Consider JR Decal as an alternative to expensive interior signage!

  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticentrepreneurfunminimalist designminimalist home and gardenstart up