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Taking the Rat Race Challenge with Richard Kalberg

March 25th 2013 was the day I began my own Rat Race Challenge. I completed it on September 13th 2013. As someone who fully understands what it feels like to wish in one hand and dream in the other as you leap from stability into the unknown, I applaud anyone willing to track his or her progress with the world. Richard Kalberg of Stokholm, Sweden is doing just that. Richard is not unlike many of us who stare out the windows of claustrophobic office buildings wishing we were elsewhere, however, he is using a new kind of motivation.  Richard created a website and start-up plan to motivate himself (and the rest of us) to stop making a dying and start making a living. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Richard and discuss his undertaking. Listen to his words of wisdom for anyone brave enough to take his Rat Race Challenge!

What would you tell someone struggling to quit their job and chase his/her passion?

I would say that they have to be prepared to work twice as hard as everybody else if they want to escape their daily jobs. I would not recommend them to quit their job if they are not really passionate about an idea that they know can create a livable income. They should keep in mind that doubling the work load can be really demanding on their private life but they need to remember that the specific situation is only for a limited time.

Did you do any planning before leaving the rat race? If so, what factors did you consider?

Before I started the Rat Race Challenge I focused my energy on ways to earn an income from my hobbies and free-time activities. I also realized that to reach the goal within the set time, I have to remove some luxuries in my life (alcohol, expensive electronics etc). These things were not that important in my life so that was not really a big problem for me.

What was/is your worst-case scenario if you do not succeed?

I think I will succeed, but if I fail, I will still be closer to the goal than I am today. Depending on the situation after the 1000 days, I think I will quit my job and focus only on my digital enterprises. Even if I do not have all my expenses covered by passive income I can't see spending another minute in the rat race. Another possibility is that I move to a less expensive country.

Home of Wealth highlights all that is entrepreneurial and supports any endeavor that shuns tradition in favor of disruption. Richard and his Rat Race Challenge have the potential to inspire on a global level. Just one small seed of an idea planted in the minds of Richard's following has the potential to spark an entire change of lifestyle! Kudos!

  • Tracy Freese
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