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Finally! Affordable eDiscovery Services for Smaller Law Practices

Simply EDiscovery LLC offers affordable eDiscovery solutions to solo attorneys and small and mid-size law firms.

The 8th Annual EDiscovery and Technology Survey, a 2015 poll of Illinois attorneys conducted by Tom O’Connor for The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, notes that 53% of survey respondents reported having “cases valued under $100,000” involving eDiscovery, an increase of 22% over the past year alone.  Electronic evidence, universal in million-dollar corporate litigation, is now increasingly finding its way into everyday legal cases.  eDiscovery data, or electronically stored information (“ESI”), is discoverable, probative, and often required by courts and regulatory authorities.

While often very valuable in proving a case, ESI is typically voluminous, technologically unwieldy, and prohibitively expensive to deal with.  Solo attorneys and smaller law practices are increasingly expressing frustration in their search for a cost-effective, workable solution.  Big-vendor services often come with a big-vendor price tag, an in-house eDiscovery infrastructure is often overkill, and cobbling together a shoestring DIY solution is problematic at best.  Indeed, the pool of attorneys polled by O’Connor cited “overall price” and “technical competence” as the top concerns they face in dealing with electronic discovery data.  “Cost continues to be a major issue and attorneys continue to press for easier technical solutions to procedures such as collection and processing.”

Dustin M. Anderson, a JD and Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS) with over 18 years of experience in the legal industry has been following this trend and recently launched Simply EDiscovery LLC, a boutique services and consulting firm that specializes in providing extremely affordable eDiscovery services for everyday legal cases and smaller law practices from solo practitioner to twenty attorneys.  Anderson explained, “Our systems and workflow were specially designed for small case eDiscovery.  We offer a savings of 40% or more over most existing eDiscovery solutions, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and personalized customer service.”

Simply EDiscovery LLC offers eDiscovery data collection, processing and filtering, review, production, project management, and consulting services – end to end or ala carte.  Data collection starts at $145. 

Single small-case project rates start at just $795.  Volume / per gigabyte processing for most projects falls within the range of $45 to $90 per gigabyte where competing vendors often exceed $150 per gigabyte.  The company also offers low-cost alternatives to review hosting, which is often the most costly part of a typical eDiscovery project, second only to manual document review.  Legal practitioners anywhere within the United States are invited to contact Dustin M. Anderson for details and a price quotation tailored to their specific needs. 



Dustin Michael Anderson, CEDS

Simply EDiscovery LLC

(312) 912-5334





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