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Travel Differently with the VadoVia iPad App


Traveling is an exciting time. The fresh air, the exotic places, and the local culture all add up to unforgettable memories! Why not streamline your preparation and share your memories with other tourists looking to recreate your journey? The creators of the VadoVia iPad app wanted to build the ultimate travel guide and vacation-planning experience by combining all necessary tools (i.e. maps, websites, hotels, directions, local weather, guides, etc) into one user friendly mobile platform. 

''My wife and I got the idea for this app because we love to travel, love to take photos and enjoy sharing where we’ve been and what we’ve seen with others as well as learning about where to go next from the experience of others.'' - Mike Smith

VadoVia's website compliments the iPad app with an interactive travel blog spotlighting monthly travel bloggers from around the world. There are no paid promotions, these are the real deal….trips that the travelers have personally experienced. With the VadoVia iPad app travelers can:

  • View places to go, things to see and do in any city, state or country
  • View what other travelers are up to through publicly posted ''tours.'' A ''tour'’ can contain a variety of travel options. 

Travel tours can be the best art galleries in Europe, scenic tours in Tuscany or walking tours in Canada, or places to see ‘off the beaten track’’ in the USA. 

With VadoVia as your tour guide, you can travel in the footsteps of others who have ‘been there, done that.” Each stop on a tour contains photographs and a description of each stop.  You can also select tours by your preferred mode of travel – walking, biking or driving.  Whether you’re an armchair traveler or planning vacation tours, the tours in VadoVia give you a sense of the unique character of a place and its location in relation to other destinations.

  • Tracy Freese
  • beautiful free experiencesminimalist travel