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  • How to Save Money by Couponing Online with CouponBuddy.net
  • Tracy Freese
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How to Save Money by Couponing Online with CouponBuddy.net
Couponing online means you can save money while you sit in your pajamas eating ice cream at midnight on the couch. Sweet! Who needs to clip and haul a bunch of flyaway paper to the store when you can type in a code, and save big!?
Discounts, sales, rebates, and paper coupons have been consumers' best friends since the dawn of capitalism but when it comes to saving money online, savvy shoppers must navigate a new set of saving vehicles. 
  • Coupon Codes - the most widespread way to save. Simply type in a specific set of retailer-sponsored characters before you checkout and Voila! you save big! 
  • Embedded Discounts - These are the really good deals lurking in unopened retailer emails and newsletters. It often pays to read through your junk emails and discover embedded offers.
  • Email exclusives - Sometimes retailers will send out a special VIP email blast to a specific group of loyal/valued customers. If you are lucky enough to be one, you can score big time discounts from the brand(s) you love. 
  • Website offers/codes - This type of online coupon is often openly displayed on a retailers website header or banner but is unavailable offline. Retailers save a lot of money on overhead by selling products online. They will entice shoppers to buy online with special promotions and online offers no found in stores. 
So where can I find these types of online coupons? Be sure to sign up for your favorite retailer's e-newsletter but also check out coupon compilation sites like CouponBuddy.net. This site makes it incredibly easy for shoppers to save by offering 1000's of discounts and exclusive sales in one place. Deals are updated 24/7 and aggregated in one user friendly, searchable platform.
  • Tracy Freese
  • Financefrugal minimalismfrugal minimalisttimeless