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10 Snazzy Upcycled Ideas for the Home

Taking old items and upcycling them into something new for around the house is a great way to redecorate and spend a lot less money while doing so. There are so many great ideas to use old items and turn them into something new; it is almost hard to believe that you didn’t think of some of them to begin with. Here are ten great ideas to test your creativity with your old things. Now get out there and start upcycling!

  1. Old shutters turned headboard- This handy little idea is great for you if you have some old window shutters or someone you know is getting rid of some. Simply take them, sand them a little, repaint them and attach them above your bed, or if they are tall enough, stand them up.
  2. Glass Jar lanterns- If you have a lot of old glass jars around your house, you can make them into outdoor lanterns to place outside for some romantic lighting at night. All you need to do is place a tea light in the bottom the jar and some glass stones, or small pebbles around it, and set them or hang them around your yard.
  3. Door Knockers- One interesting idea is to use old door knockers you may have from old houses, or someone you know. You can repurpose them to be knobs on any kind of cabinet you want to spruce up. It gives a new and interesting look to an old cabinet.
  4. Mashed up Chairs- Do you have a few different styled chairs lying around the garage or house? You can easily make them all coordinate for you dining room table with little work. Take them and paint them the same, upholster them the same color, and now you have an eclectic styled dining room.
  5. Pillowcases- If you have any old pillowcases that are not great for sleeping on anymore, use them for small garment bags for children’s clothes, dresses, or blouses. All you need to do is cut a hole in the middle at the bottom and reinforce it to slip your hanger through.
  6. Wine Bottles- Collecting wine bottles may not be your thing, but you can take those old bottles and turn them into great looking flower vases. All you need to do is cover the outside with anything you want; pictures, yarn, fabric. And you now have a new vase.
  7. T-shirt bag- Instead of tossing that old shirt into a charity bin, why not turn it into a new tote bag that you can use for a number of different activities? You can take it to the store, to the gym, or even to the library.
  8. Drawer Cabinet- Take an old drawer that you don’t use and paint it, hang it on the wall, and turn it into a little unit to store things above a vanity or sink.
  9. Bulletin board- If you don’t want to turn that drawer into a cabinet, you can instead turn it into a bulletin board by adding cork in the middle and hang it in a social area.
  10. Wine Corks- Wine corks are a great alternative to buying cork board. Take all the extra wine corks you have and glue them into an empty frame, and now you have a bulletin board for your house.

These are all great idea to use up old items without throwing them away and wasting their future potential. There are so many other ideas as well that you will never be bored while upcycling old things and making them new again.