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Create Gorgeous New Looks by Upcycling Old Clothes

Old clothing is something that many people believe cannot be used again. Sure, you can donate some of the items to charity, and they will go on to live another life with someone else, but what about some of those pieces that cannot necessarily be worn again? Well, why not upcycle them!? This is a way of using those old items while not throwing them in the trash or leaving them around the house doing absolutely nothing for you. Many people do not even think about upcycling their old clothes, but it is something entirely possible.

There are plenty of different ideas that you can have when wanting to turn old clothes into something else, whether it is another outfit, or something entirely different. For instance, a lot of men’s clothing, depending on the condition, can be turned into a dress or a small shirt of a toddler. Some people even use button front shirts or t-shirts to create a cute dress for a little girl. This is a great example of taking something fashionable, and upcycling it for someone else to wear. Old jeans make great small purses or patches for quilts, pillows, and more.

If you do not want to make more outfits out of your old clothing, there are other ideas that you can do in order to upcycle your old stuff. Why not take an old t-shirt that you do not wear anymore and turn it into a produce bag to carry to the grocery store? You can decorate your home with new pillows that once were old pilled sweaters. This gives a new life to your decoration as well as saving that old sweater from the garbage. Old sweaters are also great when you turn them into a pair of mittens to wear the next time your weather turns colder.

Taking your old clothing out of your closet is not always going to result in a trip to the local Salvation Army with bags of unused clothing. No, instead you can start upcycling those old sweaters and jeans into things for your house or even making unique personal gifts for friends and family for the holidays. Being able to breathe new life into old and tired clothing is a great way to be environmentally friendly and save some money for things you may need around the house. Why not try it out the next time you clean out all the closets in the house? You will not regret it.