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Upcycle and Thrift Shop like a BOSS

If you are a beginner at upcycling you will need a few tips to follow to make sure that you do not get lost along the way with something you may not want or you may not know how to do. Anyone can go and thrift shop when wanting to start a new lifestyle and there are some easy things to follow when you go thrift shopping in order of find all those items to turn around and upcycle later. These tips will help you start on the right foot and never fail at your new found life.

  1. Make a goal for yourself- Before you go out shopping, you need to have clear goals for what you want. This includes big items like; furniture, clothing, books, etc. Or, you can be more specific, for instance, you are looking for a blue dress to use. You have to know what you want and need before you even go out shopping. This streamlines the process and reduces wandering.
  2. Go to smaller towns- One of the most important tips is to go looking in smaller towns, not the bigger cities. Their thrift shops often have more items that are vintage and in good quality, plus their prices are going to reflect the value they are worth. Bigger cities charge more, no matter what.
  3. Prepare yourself mentally-Thrifting is a serious business and you will not be the only one out there on a mission. You will come across mean people and you will have to fight for what you want, whether it’s with them, or haggling over a price. Not only that, but it’s a hard job looking everywhere, so you need to know what you are getting yourself into.
  4. Learn schedules- Knowing when stores take donations and when they put them on the floor will help you to get some of the best items right away. You can often get the deals you want on the items before anyone else sees them.
  5. Shop a lot!- For thrift shoppers, it’s important to go a lot if you have the time. You can get to know the workers which in turn could bring you better sales in the future.
  6. Try on things- Even though they are second hand, if you are looking for clothing, try it on. It’s just as important as if you were buying it from the store. Of course, if you really like the pattern and it doesn’t fit, you can always upcycle it later.
  7. Feel all materials- If you are looking for something specifically for an upcycle project, you should know what the material feels like before you buy it and reuse it.
  8. Reuse your old ideas- If you upcycle a lot, and you come across something that you think would make a great project, do it. Even if you have something similar, they are going to be different no matter what.
  9. Grab the good stuff- Do not just go grabbing everything because it’s cheap. Grab only what you will use and nothing more. You do not want to have things lying around that you will never use. It’s a waste of space and money.
  10. Stay open minded- Don’t impulse buy, but on the same hand, do not strictly follow your own list. If you come across something that is unique and you think you could repurpose it, and it is reasonably priced, get it. You never know what you will get from it.
The most important thing about Thrifting and upcycling is that you should enjoy what you are doing and have fun creating things when you get everything home. Whether you follow these tips or not, you will surely have a successful trip no matter what.