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Lucy Burke Shares Why You Should be Wearing Yoga Socks NOW

I am thrilled to spotlight Amazon seller Lucy Burke in today’s post. Lucy's Half Toe Bella Style Grip Socks recently caught my eye and caused a riot on my social media. The response told me I best reach out and finish the conversation! To my delight she was willing to answer a few more questions about her entrepreneurial spirit and eCommerce efforts. 

TF: How did you get started on Amazon? 

LB: I love Amazon!  I’ve been shopping on that website for years and have been continually impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction and service.  I’ve worked in retail and owned retail stores my entire career and believed that taking my experience and adding it to Amazon’s platform would make for the best customer-centric company I could own.  Working with Amazon allows me to really concentrate on great products and exceptional customer care. 

TF: Was it difficult choosing a product to sell? How did you decide on the Bella style grip socks?

LB: Yes.  Finding just the right Amazon product line really makes all the difference in the world.  Our company sells many products on Amazon. Our Bella style grip socks are our latest release.  We strive to find products that add quality to our customers' lives.  Yoga, pilates, barre etc are practiced by millions of people and the benefits of wearing a quality grip sock are numerous; Grip, balance, added strength, warmth and protection among them.  After months of research we were able to find a high quality grip sock that we are able to offer for a very reasonable introductory price of $9.99.   We’re proud to offer such a great value to our customers.

TF: I recently featured your grip socks on my Instagram profile and fashionistas all over the world went wild. Do you think there is a fashion movement toward fitness chic daily wear? 

LB: Of course.  Fashion eventually works it’s way into all facets of our lives.  In fact, stylish grip socks such as ours have become a fashionable alternative to slippers around the house.  They have the ability to give you so many benefits that slippers cannot.  They look great, support your feet, give you stability, and keep your feet warm all while giving you that barefoot-barely-there feeling. The overall design adds strength and flexibility where cotton socks do not.  Men and women both enjoy our grip socks in their homes every day.

TF: These socks pack a lot of benefit into such a clean and simple design, what would you want potential customers to know about them? 

LB: I mentioned many of the benefits above.  However, the most important things to know is that our grip socks are not just for yoga, barre or Pilates.  Grip socks are very popular among new moms who want to have something on their feet that gives them balance and security while toting their little ones around indoors.  Pregnant moms are also packing them in their hospital bag.  They are a great, comfortable, warm yet breathable alternative to the loose non-grip socks hospitals offer.  When you are in labor you want to feel comfortable, secure and stable.  Grip socks are the perfect answer for that.

Another group that are using grip socks more and more are seniors.  Having the extra grip from the socks and the open toe design help them to feel more stable and balanced.  Falls are a big issue for that demographic and these simple but stylish socks can give them added confidence as they go about their daily lives.  Their feet are protected as they move around their house, and yet they can “feel” the flooring adding to their ability to move securely.

TF: I saw on your product page that your grip socks arrive in environmentally friendly packaging. Home of Wealth supports all that is sustainable, what led you to make that decision with your packaging?

LB: One of our company mottos is “enough is as good as a feast”.  We’ll never understand the need for excessive packaging.  It is such a waste and completely unnecessary adding volumes to landfills throughout the world.  When we can, we try to keep our packaging as minimal as possible.  Our socks arrive in a small plastic bag with a label attached.  Nothing more is needed.  Our socks speak for themselves. 

TF: Do you have any future product launches planned?

LB: We do.  In speaking to our grip socks customers two new ideas have blossomed because of their suggestions. Both of these potential products present simple yet effective ways to help keep our bodies strong, protected and highly functioning – similar to our grip socks.  We are in the very early stages of research before making them available on Amazon but are so thankful for the suggestions.  As our nation ages we need to be more aware of how we can care for our bodies and help them age well naturally.  We think these new products will be a small but significant part of that solution. 

  • Tracy Freese
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