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Photographer Miriam Rieck uses Social Media to get her Man

I recently came across a woman named Miriam Rieck on social media that caught my attention in a big way. Miriam is using the power of blogging and social interaction to get what she wants, or in this particular case - who she wants. His name is Josh Groban. I reached out to Miriam to discuss her "104 Letters to Josh Groban" campaign and what it truly means to her.

TF: So Miriam, as a creative, I have to ask you: when you close your eyes what do you see?

MR: My current visualization is actually multi-layered. When I close my eyes, I see a gorgeous glossy imaged art/photo coffee table book. This book is centered on the Josh Groban “Stages” Tour and a bio of the musician himself. I would like for this opportunity to spring board me into more opportunities for telling other interesting musicians stories. Having skirted the edge of homelessness myself, I want to be abundant enough to own a home (albeit small) on a Western Coastline. To have an abundant enough life using my writing and photography to create an income, Shared via blogging and Social Media. Of course there are some personal hopes but mostly to know that I have shown, demonstrated and inspired as many as I can to follow their dreams and not be afraid of being themselves- authentically, full of passion, love, and joy.

TF: Tell me more about your website, how did you get started blogging?

MR: I started blogging mainly as a way of sharing my lessons and my experiences in the hopes that I would be able to help or inspire at least one person if not more. To be able to lift up anyone and everyone I can get to. I also wasn’t sure anyone was following until one day I looked at my “stats” and saw I had followers and comments. Kind of made my day and now I just look at it my posting as “letters” that I am sharing with my friends and we are becoming a great big huge community of like minded sharers. Many blogger discover it is difficult to stay dedicated to blogging once he or she gets started, do you have any advice on how to keep creating content and staying inspired? Life has not always been an easy journey for me and I know that everyone has their own story. What keeps me inspired is that writing and sharing my images are ways of creating and then voicing that creation. The more I practice, the better I get AND I am a highly driven type along with the Creativity…lol.

TF: Currently you are using your blog as a platform to pursue Josh Groban’s “people,” socially. Why did you choose that type of communication strategy?

MR: I am. I started that campaign on May 31st after I had spent 18 months of following one referral after another. All thought the idea was fabulous, the musician was a great choice…and then nothing would happen and months would go by and when the announcement of the album title and release was made in April of this year and a subsequent tour and then the theatres announcement. I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that the book I had imagined shooting his show on a “won” media pass in November of 2013 had the potential to be so many things. Why I chose this platform? Well I had some serious doubts about it. I want to be seen as a professional and not some fan so it is a huge risk for me professionally but…I had tried all the “normal” measures, paths, ways and it was obviously not working. I was on a time deadline to get it before his management team so Coming to social media was a last best hurrah….and as Bill Gates said….”The PC has brought about Amazing developments in communications collaborations and inefficiencies and new kinds of entertainment and social media gives Access to information and the ability to give a voice to people who would never have been heard. I would like to be heard, taken seriously and have a discussion and so I chose Social media and writing a daily letter so that I could give anyone reading a way of participating and an opportunity to see who I was, what I was capable of and trusting the Universe and People to help me get there before September 12, 2015 when the tour kicks off.

TF: What is your best-case scenario with regard to Josh Groban and his entourage? Worst-case?

MR: Best Case: I get contacted either by a literary agent, photographic agent OR Josh Groban Management and have my meeting and discussion and get to create this book.  A book that will be a “witness” to his dream, and truthfully mine as well. It is also a tangible object that can show people that you can have a lofty dream and with enough persistence and pursuit, drive, ambition YOU CAN obtain it.  Just look at Josh’s path, mine and so many others. Hell, look at Diane Nyad. This book is also a way for Josh to share with fans- who would not see the live tour- so many things. Stories of the historic theatres he is choosing to perform in and how these very same theatres shaped, molded and brought to life musical history in the United States

Worst Case: I hear nothing and the tour starts on September 12th 2015. I move on to other pursuits. I will be disappointed of course as this book has literally lived in my head since November 13, 2013. I created a mock-up and a proposal but it has evolved. To be honest, there really is no worst case scenario for me. I wanted to know that I had tried everything I possibly could to reach my end goal.

TF: The spirit of Wylde Soul Photography is truly contagious to readers, what is the one thing you hope visitors take away?

MR: That you only get to run the road once as you are and it needs to be full out pedal to the metal. Full of passion, love and joy. I started life that way, iI let my personal stories get to me  and dictate how I should live in my 20’s-40’s and  now after turning 50… I am bound and determined to live it as full as I can with no regrets. I hope visitors keep checking back in and inspiring me to inspire others. Abundance is not limited. The more you give, the more you get.

If you are interested in following Miriam's progress you can do so on Twitter and Facebook

  • Tracy Freese
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