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Minimalist Sex - EnergySexuality.com with Dr. Leonard McGill

In today's hectic mobile world, some experts are encouraging couples to slow down and feel the energy that surrounds them. One such expert is Dr. Leonard McGill, a former Contributing Editor to GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) magazine, wants couples to move into a deeper, more energetic form of sexuality and has launched a new website, EnergySexuality.com to explore his techniques. “This isn’t Tantra,” he notes. “We’re very nuts and bolts, how-to oriented. We want to be a place where people can learn from the top sex gurus on the planet. There’s a new sexual revolution happening all over the world, and we want to report on it from the front lines.”

What is Energy Sexuality? Imagine this: You’re a man and you’ve just gifted your lover with 10 whole-body orgasms in the last 45 minutes. Your left hand covers her heart, your index and middle fingers are resting in her most precious of parts. As her body shimmers in orgasmic bliss a thought drifts through her mind: “He’s done it again. Opened me like no one else before.” Never in her most precious dreams has she felt so cherished.

The Energy Sexuality blog was launched July 1st 2015 and is a place people can go to learn from the greatest sex gurus on the planet. One rather unique feature of Dr. McGill's website is his open invitation for couples to book Thailand Energy Sexuality Adventures where they will experience such stimulating activities as:

  • 90-minute Orgasmic Pulse sessions
  • A full range of exotic spa services, including world-famous Chi Nei Tsang massage
  • Daily energy tune-ups at the Tai Chi pavilion with head instructor, Walter Kellenberger, who leads an hour-long  Tai Chi/Chi Gung exercise class
  • Group yoga and Master Chia’s Six Healing Sounds meditation exercises led by Joanna Kellenberger.
  • Weekly Energy Sexuality class led by Dr. McGill for singles and couples, where hands-on energy sexuality exercises are perfected.
Relax. Rejuvenate. Learn. Practice. Heal. Tao Garden is home to some of the world’s most advance holistic healthcare providers, some of who will, along with treating patients, be giving workshops this winter.
To find out more e-mail Dr. Leonard at DrLeonard@EnergySexuality.com.To find out more about accommodations, treatments, and classes at the Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort, go to: http://tao-garden.com/.
  • Tracy Freese
  • beautiful free experiencesminimalist health and fitnessminimalist sexminimalist wellness