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  • 3 Must-Have Beauty Products for the Minimalist Woman
  • Tracy Freese
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3 Must-Have Beauty Products for the Minimalist Woman


Kick your 20-something's ass for careless indoor tanning, sleeping in make-up, and tossing the sunscreen aside. All those years that you ignored conventional wisdom in favor of late nights and junk food - ALL THOSE YEARS! Get back to simplicity. All a minimalist woman needs are sunscreen, daily moisturizer, and an at-home microdermabrasion machine. My suggestions? Here you go:

Ok, so the sunscreen and the moisturizer are pretty basic, but what the heck is an at-home microdermabrasion machine!? It's that one machine that may truly change your beauty routine for life. Judy Wellsworth from Microdermabrasionhelp.com states:

Fortunately, modern microdermabrasion treatment options are much more convenient and are comfortable. Today, effective at home microdermabrasion treatments are available from any source that sells quality skin care products. You no longer have to visit your dermatologist to enjoy the benefits of at home microdermabrasion.

There is no reason not to polish your skin to a youthful glow with a home microdermabrasion treatment. You will truly be amazed at the difference microdermabrasion makes in terms of the overall look and texture of your skin..

You will see the difference immediately, and so will other people. Once you experience the pain-free, quick results of home microdermabrasion, you'll wonder why you waited so long to purchase your first home microdermabrasion kit!

So there you have it. A simple beauty regiment that is cost-effective over the long-term and timeless. Stop buying all of the creams and gels and pastes - oh my! Get back to basics. Refurbish the skin you have, rejuvinate it, and protect it moving forward. The results and money saved will speak for themselves. 

  • Tracy Freese
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