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6 Essential Moves to Make when Moving

Enthusiasm about moving to the new place lasts until you consider all the practical issues related to it. It is one of those stressful life events that require both physical and mental effort. It’s easy to overlook some crucial aspect, and make your life even more complicated. To prevent that, plan ahead and leave enough time for everything. You are packing your whole life and moving it to a new place after all.

Moving as a joint effort

It’s time to rally the troops and put all hands to work. Why would you hire movers, if there are people ready and eager (hopefully) to help? If the morale is not high, give everyone in a family a chance to voice their concerns and thoughts.  Moving can be quite a shock, and an adjustment period can last for months. Try to find a bit of home in the new area and don’t break the nice family routines and traditions.  

Time is money

Plan ahead and determine how long it will take to plan and conduct the move- from packing to saying a proper goodbye. Some say that 90 days is the minimum time to pull this off. Also, know that the summer is the best season to move because schools are out, and it’s a vacation time too. It would be wise to time the move in such a way to gain access to the new residence before leaving the old one. You can scout ahead and visit the new town and neighborhood before moving regardless.

Set a budget

Do your homework and research the place you are moving to. Know the costs of living in the new area, and consider the lifestyle adjustments. Remember that the housing and transportation costs can vary from town to town.  Also, don’t shy away from asking your family or friends for financial aid when it comes to moving expenses. Set a budget and see if you can cover everything ranging from restaurant meals on the road to updating official documents.

The notorious packing

The biggest expense, though, will be the movers, and they charge by weight and distance. So, now would be a good time to get rid of the unnecessary things. Try to pack strategically, and list all items. Use boxes and label them so that you don’t experience a nervous breakdown when settling in a new home. Smaller objects you can put in your car, and don’t forget your pet’s safety and comfort during the whole ordeal.

Take care of legal issues

Don’t forget to make sure all legal things are taken care of. Pay attention to the conveyancing process- the transfer of legal title or property. It can take weeks or even months to complete, so you should ponder on hiring a solicitor. You will be informed about all legal steps and contracts you need to sign. Also, keep in mind that changing the address is another important issue. Inform in advance your bank, insurance company, and government institutions that you are relocating.

Moving closer to the edge

The stress of moving can push even the strongest to the edge. It takes a lot of time and effort, and even then you can experience many bumps on the road.  Plan it in advance, which is the rule number one. Pare down your belongings, list and pack them right, access the budget, and create a timetable. There is nothing like the excitement of lying in a fresh new bed after a smooth and well-thought move.


Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. He’s into finding various ways of making and saving money. Aside from work he enjoys spending time with family and his fiancée.

  • Tracy Freese
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