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Hilltop Christmas Tree Delivery

Hilltop Christmas Tree Delivery from Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms on Vimeo.


Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms is disrupting the way households in Canada and the United States source their fresh Christmas trees. While some families are able to live out the long-standing holiday ritual of going to the local tree farm, selecting the perfect tree, and hauling it home on top of the family station wagon, many urban households are unable to access such fresh options - until now! A fantastic business model based on convenience, sustainability, and tradition, Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms is a business model you and your loved ones should know about.

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms offers a real live tree delivery throughout the United States and Canada. Customers can go online pick their tree and tree variety and we will deliver when its convenient for them. Because of this we deliver a fresher more aromatic Christmas tree than most shop bought trees which can be harvested as early as September prior to the festive season

The process to order is simple: click through Hilltop's catalog of tree options, choose which one is right for your household, tell them where to deliver it, and relax for a few days until a beautiful fresh Christmas tree arrives at your door. Hilltop also offers table-top tree varieties and fresh wreaths. Hilltop was founded by Adam Stone and has been producing quality Christmas trees from its farms for retailers located both within the U.S. and Canada for a number of years. Adam Stone has over 20 years experience within the industry, standing as both President of both National and regional Christmas Tree Associations. Adam’s wealth of knowledge makes him a leading authority within the industry. 

Since the company was founded, Hilltop has grown steadily over the years through its reputation and commitment to deliver the very best quality fresh cut Christmas trees for its customers. Home of Wealth encourages families to begin a new tradition this year, decorate a fresh Christmas tree and leave the plastic green thing in its box!

Simply go online to pre-order your fresh Christmas tree or call 1-866-279-4691!

  • Tracy Freese
  • beautiful free experiencesminimalist home and gardensimple