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Minimalist Home & Garden - Commercial Mold Removal
Commercial mold removal in Taylor, Michigan


Commercial buildings, offices and warehouses are not immune from mold contamination. When mold spores are present in sufficient quantities, they can present a health hazard. Most people have heard of "black mold" and the health problems it can cause. Employees and customers can all be adversely affected by mold exposure. My friends at Downriver Clean-up and Restoration offer the following guidance for any business owner dealing with mold contamination.

Your company is your livelihood, so when a catastrophe strikes it can bring your business to a screeching halt. It’s important to keep your property water-free and dry, so that customers can walk around and shop safely in a healthy environment. Water damage causes mold to quickly form, and mold spells disaster in any property. Our industry is a very specialized one – one that not many companies have knowledge or expertise in.

Just because the mold isn't visible doesn't mean it's not harmful. Toxic mold in the workplace has become a legal liability to employers and a drain on employee productivity. Although no mold can be seen, felt, or smelled, the building itself causes adverse symptoms. Often the contamination is spread from office to office and throughout the building's ventilation system. Mold can hide behind drywall, wallpaper, above ceiling tiles, under carpets and pads, etc. If the source of the moisture is not taken care of, infestation can reoccur.

Only licensed and certified mold removal companies should remove the mold. When managing office buildings, schools or other public buildings, you may need to decide whether to relocate the occupants while the work is being done. It is best to conduct the mold remediation project during times when the building is not occupied in order to limit disruption. Downriver Clean-up and Restoration offers these steps in the commercial mold removal process:

  • The first step in commercial mold removal is to identify the source of the water or moisture.
  • Once the moisture source is identified and repaired, then all traces of mold should be removed and the area dried out. 
  • Contain and remove any moldy building materials. Contaminated materials should be placed in sealed bags before they are removed from the premises. This keeps the mold spores from potentially spreading throughout the building.
  • Protect the entire area. Anything that can stir up mold or mold spores should only be done while using protective gear. Work areas should also be sealed off with plastic to prevent further contamination.
  • Bring in other professional support if there is structural damage or immediate health risks.

Due to limited maintenance budgets, structural problems are often ignored or covered up improperly. Any small to mid-sized business' goal should be to prevent mold problems before they start. If you live in the Taylor, Michigan area, call Downriver Clean-up and Restoration at 734-619-7610 for regular HVAC inspections and maintenance consults. 


  • Tracy Freese
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