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  • 6 Things You Should Know About Green Cleaning Products
  • Tracy Freese
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6 Things You Should Know About Green Cleaning Products


Nowadays, many people start looking for more natural ways to clean their homes as commercial cleaning products have been claimed to present some health issues. It's no surprise that people are going back to basics. The products we buy at the store to make our properties shiny and bacteria-free do more harm than good. On the other end of the spectrum, lemon juice, table salt, beeswax and other natural ingredients are non-harmful and very effective against dirt and stains. Here are 6 reasons why you are better off without conventional cleaners and why green cleaning is the best way to go. Check it out.

1) Family safety

All of us want to protect our families and especially our kids. And while it's true that you can't protect yourself or your relatives from all the bad things in the world, there is something you can do to reduce exposure to chemicals. Sticking with green cleaning products and making your home a safer place, that's a good start. Dispose of all bottles that say “Dangerous”, “Toxic”, “Caution”, etc., and start making your own products.

2) Fresher air

Without a doubt, indoor air will be much healthier for you if you switch over to natural cleaning. There will be no pungent chemical odors that make you sneeze. Better for your lungs, better for nature. Every time you use a commercial cleaner to wipe down the kitchen sink, the toilet or the floor, you ingest toxic fumes that can cause a whole host of respiratory problems and other health issues. Not to mention, the stench of chemicals is really unbearable. By contrast, some natural ingredients such as lemon juice and essential oils smell great. Even those of us who can't stand the smell of vinegar can find a way to make it more pleasant by diluting it with water and adding essential oils.

3) More cost-effective

Let's face it, using simple ingredients like beeswax, baking soda, cornstarch, lemon juice and vinegar costs next to nothing, whereas commercial household cleaners are way expensive than that. If you make the switch to green cleaning products, you will be able to save big bucks in the long run.

4) Fewer risks

Using conventional cleaners is dangerous, compared to using green cleaning products is said by PerfectCleaning Shepherds Bush. Some chemicals are not only toxic, but also flammable. Using store-bought cleaners increases the risk of chemical spills and fires in your home.

5) Less pollution

Needless to say, each time you use commercial cleaning solutions, you increase your ecological footprint. Fewer chemicals in that bottle of cleaner means less pollution. We are talking about air and waterways pollution. This affects every living organism on our planet and contributes to ozone depletion and global warming. “What does it have to do with me, I use these products very rarely?”, you would ask. But think about how many people out there use chemicals on the daily. Change begins with you. You know what they say, think globally, act locally. If everyone took one small step toward protecting the environment, this would have a positive impact sooner than we think.

6) Ingredients awareness

Do you know what all those hard-to-pronounce substances, mentioned on the back of your bottle of cleaner, mean? Are you aware that some of these can cause kidney and liver damage, problems with circulatory and respiratory systems, and even cancer? There are unregulated amounts of dangerous chemicals in commercial cleaners. Buying and using these poses a health threat to your family. Making your own cleaning products means you know exactly what things you put in there.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist home and gardenminimalist livingminimalist wellness