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  • Tracy Freese
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Real Estate Trend: Creating Energy Efficient Homes

A large majority of modern housing regulations deal with energy efficiency. Although living in a non-efficient, leakage-friendly home is still not considered a criminal offense, it is perceived as a seriously irresponsible behavior. The problem is that many citizens are simply not familiar with all the possibilities they have today to turn their homes into eco-friendly housing units. We will try to break them down into several most important and least expensive ones.

Mind energy rating when buying

You can hear many people complaining about the condition of their recently purchased home, energy-wise; and they are right – trying to make an old home look like a new one is a terribly demanding and expensive process. However, there is a smart thing you can do prior to buying such a place – do not buy it. Before you look around the neighborhood and even set your foot into the property, inquire about the energy rating of the home and hire professional audits to measure it. It will save a lot of your money and resources in trying to make your home an energy-efficient place.

Tweak it before you move in

Comparing pros and cons is a great decision-making method, especially when buying a new home. If the desired home from the previous paragraph has a prevailing number of pros, but its energy efficiency is right in the middle between a pro and a con, calculate how you could tweak the efficiency with as little assets as possible. Tweaking includes minor works, such as insulating the windows and doors. In addition, inspect the monthly cooling and heating expenses, as well as the water bills before making the final decision. All such little details compose the energy efficient value of a home. As long as you estimate that such works will pay off, they are worth being done

Effective outdoor works

The umbrella term least expensive possibilities applied to energy efficiency should include only the simplest works. Otherwise, the whole process will cost too much. Within these minor works is definitely exterior wall cladding. This efficiency-increasing method is extremely practical, since it leaves no carbon footprint, does not take too much installation time and has a low maintenance index.

Green mortgages for efficient future

In line with all the modern efforts to save as much energy as possible, today home buyers can take green mortgages. Those special loans take into consideration all the expenses that a home buyer might have when buying a home that needs energy revitalization. Since the buyer is already taking a loan, governments and banks want to encourage him or her to invest in insulation and other similar works, to turn that new home into an energy efficient property under much more affordable financial condition.

The issues of energy efficient home are yet to be resolved in the decades to come. This is only the beginning, but new home owners should take their chances and make their contribution to the global agenda on energy efficiency.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist home and gardenminimalist lifestyleminimalist living