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Comedic Writer Sonja Landis Does it Again

SAN DIEGO, California—November 3, 2015— Best-selling comedy writer Sonja Landis has released her second solo book, “The Anti-Officer: The True Story of a Chick Turned Airborne Reconnaissance…And Why It Was All a Really Bad Idea”. Landis’ eight-year journey through Basic Training (OTS), Survival school and a slew of countries around the world, spanning from exotic beaches to desert tents, in both peacetime and the Iraqi Freedom/War on Terror efforts, is riddled with adventures, and comedic misadventures, of the self-professed “least-lethal officer in the military”.

Landis’ first book, “My Master's Degree is Useless?!?!: How Chelsea Handler, Booze, and Reality TV Teach Better Modern-Day Business Lessons Better Than the Lecture Halls”, opened the doorway to her second book and joint project, “Nothing But Net,” which shot to the top of the Amazon.com rankings lists in five categories, including, marketing, communication skills, entrepreneurship, direct marketing and small business entrepreneurship. The success is likely due to the author’s innate ability to inspire and influence her readers through her skills as a comedic story-teller.

In her newest release, Landis introduces her audience to her younger self, a “Beer Tub Girl” at Arizona State University, who makes a series of wrong turns while navigating the search to find herself and her place in life. Talked/persuaded/duped into a Military Recruiter’s Office, a young, open-minded Landis finds herself signed-up, shipped out, and “inexplicably in-charge and painfully under-qualified as an Airborne Reconnaissance Officer in the United States Air Force.” The story chronicles her deepest (and usually inappropriate) thoughts and inner monologue through every situation, from Officer Training School, Survival School, and deployments in Saudi Arabia, Greece, England, Qatar, Japan, as well as the politics and frustrations of stateside duties. Landis shares moments from a unique perspective and dichotomy of being part housewife (a desperate type), part Officer, part comedian and part misfit, a mix that provides more than enough comic relief to make it through the harrowing adventure.

About Sonja Landis

Among many other things, Sonja Landis is an Artist, Best-Selling Author, Designer, Comedian, Entrepreneur, Mom and Pit Bull Rescuer. She shares stories from her experiences with laughinducing charm and wit that will surely continue to send her work straight to the top of the charts and solidify her place as one of the great comedic writers of her time.
For more information, visit her website: http://www.SonjaLandis.com
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