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The Art of Selling Arts and Crafts Online


Creating something with your own two hands is a prize by itself. Still, since you are already investing your time in the creating process, why not earn some money along the way? Luckily, selling your work is made significantly easier with all the tools the Internet has provided. It has enabled so many people to work at home. In fact, in USA alone, almost 70 percent of entrepreneurs start their business at home. That means that selling your products online is not only a great opportunity to earn some money “on the side”, but also to make your business grow. First, let us start small and see how you can sell your arts and crafts, using the power of the web.


Facebook has outgrown his original attire of network made for connecting people in the purpose of communication. Today, this social network plays a significant role in the business world and the presence on it can make or break your endeavor. Create a Facebook page for promoting your work. Use as many images as you can, and make sure that you have high-quality photos of your crafts. Share your page with your friends and ask for them to share it too. Use Facebook “boost post” option to reach more people.


Another social network that can have significant impact on your success. Even Vogue magazine marked Instagram as “World’s Most Talked-About New Art Dealer”. What is the most important with Instagram account is mastering some basics of photography and editing tools, so that you would enhance all the best features of your artwork.

Ecommerce Store

Setting up your own ecommerce store will make you more trustworthy and professional. It is quite easy to start, because most of the web shops have automated processes that are guiding you through every step. The most important step for gaining customers’ trust is the safety of the payment options. Having a secure ecommerce payment gateway will definitely earn you some valuable points.


This marketplace is so famous it needs no introduction. Still, it is important to point out its advantages when it comes to selling arts and crafts. One of the most significant ones is the access to wide audience. As with any other online store, the most important is to have good photos and clear description so that the buyer could have an experience similar to live shopping.


Etsy is the ideal online marketplace for arts and crafts. Basically, it is similar to eBay, but it is exclusively designed for selling homemade goods. You can set up your own Etsy store, photograph the items, list them on the site, and when one item it is being shipped out with the buyer paying the shipment costs.

Handmade at Amazon

With its new market reserved exclusively for arts and crafts, Amazon has challenged Etsy on this field. Being the market giant as it is, Amazon’s new endeavor poses a real competition for Etsy, especially because of the users’ experience focused on getting to know the artists and telling their stories.

In the end, remember to always focus on the visual. Be creative with your online sale as you are with creating your works of art.

  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneurminimalist home and gardenstart up