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A Story About "Sam" the Whistle Blower


This is a story about Sam. She has to be anonymous because of her story that I am about to tell you about.

Sam needs your help.

Sam wanted to help make the world a better place, so she started working for a large children’s NGO that works to protect children around the world.

But then when she started working... she was bullied at work by her boss. She complained to her more senior bosses, but they said? They said that she just needed to get on with it.

But the bullying got worse. So she complained again.

And...the more she blew the whistle, the more she was victimised by the bully. She was further threatened by the bully and told that she should resign.

So she complained to the CEO. Thinking this would solve her problems, Sam was then really surprised by what happened next.

She was fired. She was told she was not the "right fit for the organisation."

No investigation, no support, no protection.

So now, she has to go to court. Luckily, her lawyer has agreed to work for free. But she has to pay court fees and fees for a barrister to represent her in court.

She spent all her savings on getting through an employment tribunal to get to this stage of the court process.

To continue the fight for justice, Sam needs help.

So she has started a campaign on fundedjustice.com.

She needs to raise money to pay her lawyers, to get to court, to win in court to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone again.

So if you can, please support the campaign, spread the word, get it out on social media and help Sam to stop other people from being bullied and victimized in the workplace.

Thanks for watching.

To read Sam's entire story and support her fight click HERE

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist lifestyleminimalist livingrepurposewellness