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  • 7 Design Choices That Are Stressing You Out and Their Solutions
  • Tracy Freese
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7 Design Choices That Are Stressing You Out and Their Solutions


You can probably think of at least ten things that are stressing you out on a daily basis, but did you know that your home may also be one of them? According to a UCLA study, cluttered space can increase your stress hormones and cortisol levels.  You cannot always notice the way your set up impacts your well-being, because it works on subconscious level. Make your home a place for rest and relief from the busy daily life. Here are the most common design mistakes that bring chaos into your living space.

Using Too Many Throw Pillows

A couple of throw pillows can make your bed or couch more comfortable and cosier.  You should, avoid overdoing, though, because it could leave with limited space to actually sit and create hassle around your living room.  If you don’t want your throw pillows to end up strewn on the floor, stick to one or two of your favourites.

Having a Messy Closet

Keeping the closet organized can be a struggle. Not being able to find your stuff in the morning is admittedly more annoying. Whether you have a spacious walk-in like closet or a tiny wardrobe, you have no excuse for throwing your shoes and clothes wherever you can. Cleaning your closet regularly, will not only improve the look of your space, but also your well-being. Create an efficient organizing system and go with it.

Keeping Mismatched Dinnerware

You probably have compiled a collection of random dishes and glassware throughout the years. Unless your pieces are well organized, they can take up a lot of precious space. Re-examine what you already have at home, especially before the holidays. Set aside anything that doesn't have a match. Cleaning out the unnecessary is important to keep the mess at bay.

Decorating with "Loud" Colours

Some shades may tire the eye. Pick calming colours like neutrals and earth tones. According to studies, blue can reduce your blood pressure and help you fall asleep easily, making it a perfect choice for the bedroom. Even if you are drawn to bright hues like yellow and red, keep in mind that these shades can actually make you feel more stressed.

Using too many prints

Just like using bright colours, mixing multiple prints can also have a negative impact on you.  Creating cohesive design is more difficult than it seems. If you still want to bring in prints into your interior, stick to the 60-30-10 rule. The dominant print can occupy 60% of the space, while the secondary and the accent print should only take up 30% and 10% of the space, respectively.

Overloading your shelves

You might be tempted to fill your home’s shelving with books, knick knacks, photos and souvenirs to add a little something to the overall aesthetics. This can make the space appear cluttered and turn domestic cleaning or office cleaning into a nightmare. Spare yourself the dusting and embrace a minimalist approach. Keep only items that you really need or feel passionate about on display.

Owning Uncomfortable Seats

Uncomfortable seating, no matter how trendy or gorgeous it is, has no place in your home. Choose seats that not only look, but also feel good. 

  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticclutterminimalist home and gardenminimalist livingrepurposesimpletimelessunclutter