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  • Tracy Freese
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Simple Yet Effective Home Office Lighting



Every work space needs lighting features that will provide enough natural and artificial light for productive work. A great advantage of home offices is the fact that they enable their owners to adapt the home space to their personal business preferences. So, instead of installing common neon lights, people who work from the comfort of their homes can actually make their home office a real gem of light with efficient and beautiful lighting solutions.

Let the Sunlight in

When considering what part of your home would be suitable for your home office, always take into account the amount of natural light in that space. A lack of sunlight could affect your physical condition. People who do not have enough natural light in their work space often feel sleepy and moody. As opposed to that, natural light increases work productivity. This is why a light study could make you a more successful worker. However, try not to choose a room facing the west, since you might have serious problems with heat in summer months.

Pedants for a Clutter-free Desk

A common issue with a home-based office is a lack of space. For instance, if you want to have enough light, it will require some kind of artificial light-providing items, too. In order to keep your desk a clutter-free zone, those items should not be placed on the desk. Choosing pendant lights is probably the smartest solution here. They could be put right above the desk and provide a substantial amount of light for your work needs. Also, when you have light that falls directly on your desk, it gives more focused light than a classic, light-dispersing chandelier.

Light from Below

Every source of light that can improve your creativity and productivity is welcome. When you have to pull through rainy and cloudy days, you need more lights around the room. So, it is a good idea to equip your home office with a few traditional lamps. They can be installed on the walls or on your furniture items. In addition, getting proper floor lights could also be a great backup option for grey days. To save your money and get the best product for your budget, look online for floor lamps that will make your office a brighter place.

Elegant Light from Above

Sometimes you will need to have a rest and make a pause between your work sessions. Since leaving the study might be counterproductive for the work, you should just take a seat in a comfy armchair (another handy item for a home office) within your home office and read a book or watch a motivating business video. The perfect lights for such occasions are recessed ceiling lights. They provide enough brightness and add a touch of elegance to your home office. Getting a set of such lights with a dimmer is an even better option.

Efficient Brightness

As you can see, office lights can come in many different forms. From the energy emitted directly by the sun, to pendant lights and ordinary lamps, you can make your office a bright place. When talking about brightness, it is important to stress out the importance of energy efficiency when it comes to office lighting. Bright people know that energy-efficient light bulbs waste less energy than traditional, incandescent bulbs. So, those home workers who want to keep their electricity bills on a normal level should install those saving bulbs in every single office lamp.

Your home office has to be as equipped as those company-based offices if you want to reach and surpass their productivity. Appropriate lighting is crucial for every worker, so take care of the lights to use all the benefits of home-based work to the full.

  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticclutterminimalist home and gardenminimalist livingrepurposesimpleunclutter