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Triwa Watches for Everyday Wear

Watches are worn as party wear, for weddings, various social gatherings, and official events. However, the pattern of the watch or design, which is in most demand, is the regular functional watches that are needed by everyone for day-to-day use.

The main function of a watch is to tell time and no one can ignore this. The regular functional watches are the most ideal selection which you can make while choosing a watch to use regularly. Regular functional watches such as Triwa watches (in Norwegian: Triwa klokke) have a design which is extremely simple and can be operated easily.

Their aim is to serve one objective; help you know the time! However, nowadays, in this era of data and technology, modern watches created via enhanced manufacturing methods are not simple anymore. They offer much more than simply date, time or other essential data.

Popular Functional Watches

In this group of functional watches, it is worth mentioning that this watch does not just cater to your everyday purpose as a regular functional watch, but is also very neat and fashionable.

It presents a watch design and pattern that makes it command a lot of demand, when compared to other designs of watches present in this group which really has a huge variety of watches to select from.

In this group, the OR3823 Cruiser is the very latest launch of functional regular watches and is selling like hot cake. This watch features a strong stainless steel case and at 10 ATM, is water resistant.

It functions on Miyota quartz motion and has hands that glow in the dark; this makes night and darkness visibility simple. This watch design presents steel applied indices also and has a powerful stainless steel bracelet as well as solid folding clasp.

The bezel’s width is 40 mm and the bracelet’s width is 22mm. The watch has POLITI box as well as warranty card. The most ideal aspect of this daily utilization watch is its international warranty for 24 months and its invoice. The blue dial offers it an appearance which is striking and fashionable. This watch is sold at £79.00 and is certainly worth each penny you spend.

Other than the innovative blue dial OR3823 Cruiser, one can select sophisticated and neat steel band watches (white dialed) and mechanical checker watches that have leather brand, under this group.

Majority of these watches function according to a regular mechanical motion and are believed to be water resistant. Also, these watches are resistant to scratch; therefore, you are able to actually use them roughly without the fear of your dial becoming scratched, making your watch look unattractive, if you are not sufficiently cautious in your day to day life.


This is more than you require in an ordinary wear watch. Other than the OR3823 Cruiser, a number of handy watches with fashionable watch designs and patterns are present in this group which you can explore, from the wide variety of choice of watches presented to you.

When buying any product, the aim for a lot of people is to get the most ideal blend between style, affordability and style. Functional watches provide these three elements.

  • Tracy Freese
  • fashionminimalist designminimalist fashion