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NoIdentityTheft.com Makes Protecting Your Identity Easy


Technology is everywhere. You can’t run from it or escape it, which leaves us with only one other option; to embrace it. Anymore, you can do almost anything on the Internet. This includes; paying bills, online shopping and getting an education. But with everything being so accessible one has to constantly be worried about his or her information falling into the wrong hands. Everyone fears of the day of getting that dreaded phone call or letter in the mail saying ‘your identification has been breached.’ Well fear no more. 

NoIdentityTheft.com makes identity protection easy. With an extremely helpful blog, product reviews and tips, identity theft seems like such a manageable problem. This website offers many useful and practical resources to help families feel a little bit more secure about their information being online.

With easy to read charts and graphics about all of the different types of security systems, it is extremely simple to narrow down on which one fits perfectly into your own personal lifestyle. This website does a great job rating each system based on all different types of criteria. By just reading each company's summary, you will get a feel for the company and if it matches your wants and needs. The true beauty is that you get to decide what YOU want within a security system and get to go from there. All of the information is at your fingertips; the rest is up to you.

NoIdentityTheft.com doesn’t just stop there, the great thing about this website is that it doesn’t just give information about all of the “scary stuff” but also provides insight on everyday use of the web. Its latest blog is titled 7 Tips for Safe On-Line Shopping. Another article that parents in today’s society might find helpful is Safe Internet Surfing Tips for Kids. Any college student, newly-weds, parents or baby boomer would find these blogs useful to apply into their daily life. (Links to both articles and many more can be found below.)

This website answers any basic question one might have about identity theft. Questions starting from, what exactly qualifies as fraud to signs that your information has been breached. Most importantly though, it helps the everyday consumer with what are the next steps after being hacked. By listing resources and giving out guides, this site will help you never feel alone when dealing with a security issue of any sort.

By reading, reviewing and protecting No Identity Theft does their very best to putting a stop to identification theft. Like I said earlier, technology is everywhere and the internet isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So it is up to us to put our safety into our own hands. Websites like No Identity Theft make this that much easier. By reviewing ID theft protection websites, comparing plans and blogging on related topics the makers of this website have done everything in their power to make sure that one never feels like they are going through a crisis like identification theft alone.


  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist living